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50th International Eucharistic Congress – More Photos

Lunchtime at the RDS – with our BrothersWith Cardinal Brady’Plastic Nuns’ – waiting for the Procession on WednesdaySunday Morning – ready to leave for the Final MassSunday Morning – waving goodbye to the PilgrimsOn our way to Croke ParkAfter Mass – greetings from our BrothersSome food to keep us going!

50th International Eucharistic Congress

The 50th International Eucharistic Congress opened in Dublin on Sunday the 10th June – Solemnity of Corpus Christi.  Three of our sisters were privileged to be among those who had been invited to represent the diocese of Armagh at the entrance procession – Sr Natallia, Sr Mary Teresa and Sr Mary Cathy returned home all sun burnt!  What a change in weather from last week when  one would think that we were in the midst of winter  – not approaching mid summer.  The photos we share here speak for themselvesWaiting for the bus – with our Pilgrim Bags锘 Arriving at the RDS锘 锘匡豢锘 Srs M Cathy, Teresa and Natallia holding banner with image of St Oliver Plunkett 锘匡豢 Waiting to Process inOur Patron Saint speaks to the CongressWith the ‘Red Nuns’ and Sisters from CanadaAt the end of the day – with our Dominican Brothers锘 锘 锘

Something about JESUS

We鈥檝e come out of Retreat (well, a week ago now) and I鈥檝e noticed again how it happens that the sense that I haven鈥檛 even begun to know the Lord, is so strong. How do you meet Jesus, at that level or in that place where we most need to know Him, and to meet and be reached by Him?The Sermon on the Mount (cf Mt 5) 鈥 I decided to start again at the 鈥榖eginning鈥 and try and meet Him again. 鈥 鈥榟is fame spread throughout all Syria 鈥︹ (Mt 4:24); 鈥 鈥楢nd great crowds followed him 鈥︹ (Mt 4:25) What would it have been like to have been one of the crowd? How did it happen that a person became one of the crowd: if they followed him not because they were sick or in need of any kind of healing? What was it about Him that drew so many people to Him?It can be a lonely business, choosing God even when at the same time, on the other hand, it is a most wondrous and joy-filled experience 鈥 that moment when you say 鈥榶es鈥 to Jesus, because you just know that what He wants is not anything you can do or be, but purely and simply you. And He understands the loneliness: He鈥檚 in it too.There鈥檚 something about Jesus.There 鈥 on the 鈥楳ount鈥 鈥 surrounded by the crowds of people, telling them who they are: building them up and encouraging them to keep reaching out for what it was they sought, that something that compelled them to go after Him. And He said:鈥楤lessed are the poor in spirit 鈥; those who mourn 鈥; the meek 鈥hose who hunger and thirst for righteousness […]

A Bumblebee and the Death of Christ

In our ancient Celtic legends stories of the loyalty of animals to several saints abound. Perhaps one of the best known is about Columba. Knowing that his death was approaching he made a tour of his monastery. As he paused for rest, the old white horse that carried the milk pails for the monks approached and laid his head against Columba’s breast and as if mourning he seemed to weep for his friend. A story is also told about Kevin of Glendalough, who allowed a blackbird to hatch her eggs on his outstretched hand where she had built her nest while he prayed!So perhaps it is not altogether out of keeping that a bumble bee had much to say to me recently. I met him sitting on a wall sunbathing {it was still mid-March} An elegant looking fellow he was, complete with yellow decorations accross his back! What caught my attention immediately was his total stillness except for the rhythmic breathing of his little body as he received breath after breath from his Creator.You will smile perhaps but it remains vividly in my mind as a moment of great beauty—this little creature basking in the sustaining love of its Creator.The Dogmatic Constitution Dei Verbum tells us that “God who creates and conserves all things by his Word provides constant evidence of himself in created realities” If then, as St. Bonoventure wrote, ‘every creature is a word of God since it proclaims God’, what was this simple bumble bee trying to tell us about the breathing of God or indeed about the love story of God?Sadly this divine initiative of giving us our breath is so normal it can be forgotten.It is truly his […]

Hapy New Year

We wish all our readers many graces and blessings during the coming year. May 2012 -the year of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress – be a year of grace for our Irish Church in particular.To highlight our preparation for this great event, our sister artists designed our chapel crib in a Eucharistic setting – photo here.As we assure you of our continued prayer for all your intentions we ask to be remembered in yours. This year, 2012 is the 290th annivarsary of our foundation in Drogheda. As we give thanks for almost three centuries of prayer, we ask you to join us in praying for those young women who are considering vocations to our community and that many more may be inspired to dedicate themselves to our life of prayer and Eucharistic Adoration for the glory of God and for the needs of our Church and world.

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Happy Christmas

We wish all our readers the peace and joy which our Saviour brings during the Christmas season and throughout the coming New Year. We remember all of you and your loved ones in our prayers and ask to be remembered in yours.

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Feast of St Augustine – 28th August

鈥淵ou have seduced me, Lord, and I have let myself be seduced;
you have overpowered me: you were the stronger.鈥(Jer 20:7)

These words from the prophet Jeremiah which we heard this morning at Mass prompted me to reflect on St Augustine whose feast day is to-day but was not celebrated.

Both Jeremiah and Augustine wrote what are known as their 鈥榗onfessions鈥 鈥 accounts which describe their inner struggles and suffering, their loneliness and yearning for God. Their anger, complaints and disappointments betray the heart of a lover. Here I will focus on Augustine.

In his Confessions Augustine gives us a very moving account of his search for God or perhaps more correctly God鈥檚 search for him! – which reaches a climax when he exclaims 鈥渢oo late have I loved you, O Beauty so ancient and so new, too late have I loved you.鈥 (10:27)

From his earliest years Augustine had a very sensitive heart, with a great capacity for love but yet was prevented from recognising and accepting God as his true and ultimate joy because as he explains – although 鈥渉e loved the happy life鈥 and sought after truth he 鈥渇eared to find it in God鈥檚 abode and so fled from it even as he sought it.鈥 (cf 6:11). As Francis Thompson puts it 鈥渉e feared lest having Him he must have naught beside.鈥 (The Hound of Heaven).

God is a jealous lover and He is not satisfied till we surrender our inmost heart to Him. He is also a patient lover who knows how to wait while at the same time being a persistent lover who does not give up on us! Augustine describes the many ways in which God was secretly […]

Video of the Eucharistic Congress Bell

Below is a fifteen minute video clip of what happened with the Bell throughout the Armagh Archdiocese – it includes footage of the Bell’s visit to our Monastary (at 8.16min) and to our Dominican brethren in Drogheda (at 5.30 min)You might also be interested in the reflection given by one of our nuns on the occasion of the visit – click here

Mary Kept all these things in her heart

Since Easter our readings at Mass have been recounting the different appearances of Jesus—-That morning on the shore after returning from a nights fishing, the apostles found Him preparing breakfast for them, and heard him call: ‘ Friends come and have breakfast’ (Jh.21). The time he came to the two Apostles on their journey to Emmaus and explained the scriptures to them. The beautiful meeting with Mary Magdelen in the garden in the hush of the silent morning dew when He spoke her name with such tenderness: Mary Why weepest thou? and her glad cry of recognition—–Rabboni ( Jh 20)Many other appearances are also recorded for us. But what about His own dear Mother? She wasn’t with the other women who come early that Easter morning to anoint the Body of Jesus in the tomb. Let us listen to the following extracts taken from A woman wrapped in silence by the poet John W. Lynch:’——We do not discover she was therewe do not findher name. She is not mentioned, she who stooduntil the last pain passed from Him who hadnot failed, nor flagged, nor even made delayTo any need in all His years, she wasnot there, who gave him birth, who is his motherwas not there!’ Here in John’s home she must wait for Him, as David wrote so long ago ‘For God alone my soul in stillness waits’ (Psalm 61)’lonely in the silence and the trustof silence in her heart that did not seekor cry or search, but only waited him’ And can we doubt that this Son of so much […]

Eucharistic Congress Bell

On Tuesday the 29th of March we had the privilege of welcoming the Eucharistic Congress Bell during its tour of Armagh Diocese in preparation for the International Eucharistic Congress 2012. Below are the texts of two reflections given by our Sisters during the welcoming ceremony. The first is an short Introduction and the second is based on the icon of Our Lady of Refuge, which accompanies the Bell (see photo).IntroductionFor Christians the bell has long been associated with the invitation to gather, the sound being perceived as God鈥檚 voice, God鈥檚 call which draws people to assemble.Our day here in this monastery is punctuated by the sound of the bell calling us to leave our work and assemble in God鈥檚 presence to sing His praises and intercede for our Church and our world 鈥 begging for His mercy on ourselves and on people everywhere.A bell is a symbol both visible and audible. As we hear this bell being rung tonight may we respond wholeheartedly to the invitation to begin our pilgrim journey of preparation for the forthcoming Eucharistic congress. We pray that it will be a time of grace 鈥 a time of healing and renewal for all of us and for the whole Irish Church 鈥 a time when we grow in awareness of the abiding Presence of our Risen Saviour.Speak Lord, you have the message of Eternal life and may we hear and respond following the example of Mary, your mother and ours.Our Lady of Refuge (Reflection)Near the Cross of Jesus stood His mother At the cross her station keeping stood the mournful mother weeping close to Jesus to the end. Christ above in torment hangs she beneath beholds the pangs […]