Happy Christmas

We wish all our readers a grace-filled and peaceful Christmas and we share with you  a Christmas reflection:Christmas Eve Reflection during Vespers  The theme of my reflection, on this Christmas Eve night, is ‘ Peace’. Conscious of the lack of peace in Syria, Iraq, Africa,  the Holy Land and in various other countries of the world and bearing in mind especially the lack of inner peace in ourselves at times  and so prevalent in people in general, I was led to ponder the title given to Jesus before his birth, that of Prince of Peace,  in the book of the prophet Isaiah, which will be read tonight at Mass:            For there is a child born for us,            a son given to us            and dominion is laid on his shoulders;            and this is the name they give him:            Wonder – Counsellor, Mighty –God,            Eternal- Father, Prince-of –Peace.            Wide is his dominion             In a peace that has no end.( Is. 9 )We long so much for this peace that ‘has no end’. We long for it for ourselves, our families, our communities, our friends and for the world at large. We want Isaiah’s prophecy, which says;            For all the footgear of battle,            every cloak rolled in blood,            is burnt,            and consumed by fire- we want that to be realised now, without further delay. The Gospel tonight further reinforces this message of peace when it says:            And  suddenly with the angel there was a great throng of the heavenly host,            praising God and singing: ‘Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace to                         men who enjoy his favour’This theme of peace abounds everywhere in the Liturgy tonight and tomorrow. In the entrance antiphon, Jesus is personified […]

Happy Christmas

We wish all our readers many graces and blessings during the Christmas season.Here we share with you a Christmas reflection Christmas Homily At the Office of Readings during the coming week we read:Behold God the Father has sent down to earth as it were a bag filled with His Mercy; a bag to be rent open in the Passion so that our ransom which it concealed might be poured out; a small bag indeed, but full.  It is indeed a small child who is given to us, but in whom dwells all the fullness of the Godhead.  (From a sermon by St Bernard). We celebrate tonight God’s coming among us – not as a man of power but as a baby.  He could have chosen to come as a fully grown man but he comes as a vulnerable baby and what could be more helpless than a newborn baby? He could have chosen rich parents who would provide the maximum amount of comfort – but he chose Mary and Joseph, both poor in material things but with hearts wide open to receive all the love which this Baby wishes to bestow.  The Good News is first proclaimed to simple shepherds, the outcasts, those without status while “His own people did not receive Him” (John 1: )In our yearly celebration of Christmas we remember his coming in Bethlehemover 2,000 years ago and we look forward to his second coming and our going to him at the moment of death.  However there is a third coming which is as real and as important as the other two – the one for which we have prepared during the weeks of Advent – it is His coming to […]

Christmas Reflection

We wish all our readers a peaceful and joyful Christmas as we remember all your intentions in prayer.The theme of light plays a prominent part in the Advent and Christmas liturgies. This theme of light is woven into the pages of both the Old and New Testaments – from the first chapter of Genesis where God said ‘Let there be light’ to the last chapter of the Apocalypse where the glory of God is the radiant light which illumines the New Jerusalem.We have come forth from God and we return to Him who is the Light.  When calling us into being God seems to have built into each human heart a ‘homing instinct’; a nostalgia for Himself – a yearning which draws us.  We even see this attraction to the light in nature – tiny shoots will push their way through all kinds of rubble and even solid tarmac, attracted by the light.  Plants will turn towards the light and some flowers will open to light but remain closed in darkness.   In the Old Testament light is very often associated with God’s glory, His Presence, His face.  There is a yearning to see God’s face: “let me see your face” – “when can I enter and see the face of God” – “let your face shine on us and we will be safe.”  We get the image of a luminous face – a glorious face which lights up everything – the Light of life. Moses was told that he cannot see God’s face for no human being can see Him and survive.  However, tonight we celebrate the breaking into our time of God’s light – the revelation of God’s Face in the form of […]