Novena to St Catherine – Day 6

At this time when so many people are deprived of the Eucharist, this passage from St Catherine’s ‘Dialogue’ shows why this deprivation is so hard for so many people.

Dearest daughter, contemplate the marvelous state of the soul who receives this bread of life, this food of angels, as she ought. When she receives this sacrament she lives in me and I in her. Just as the fish is in the sea and the sea is in the fish, so am I in the soul and the soul in me, the sea of peace. Grace lives in such a soul because, having received this bread of life in grace, she lives in grace. When this appearance of bread has been consumed, I leave behind the imprint of my grace, just as the seal that is pressed into warm wax leaves its imprint when it is lifted […]

Year for Consecrated Life

Pope Francis has announced that the coming year will be dedicated to Consecrated Life – beginning on the 30th November 2014 (First Sunday of Advent) and continuing until the 2nd February 2015.  This year will be an opportunity to gratefully remember the contribution of Consecrated Life down through the centuries and provide us with hope as we look to the future.  It will be a time of conversion and renewal for those of us who are living the consecrated life as well as an opportunity to proclaim the beauty and joy of belonging totally to the Lord and His Church.  We pray that many young women and men may feel the irresistible attraction of the Lord and have the courage to say ‘yes’ to His invitation to follow Him.To mark the launch of this Year of Consecrated Life many local religious as well as laity will join our community for a special Hour of Eucharistic Adoration […]