We share with you here the homily preached by Fr John Harris OP at Sr Regina’s Golden Jubilee celebration with her family on the 24th May 2014 – a most joyful celebration.  (In the Dominican calendar we commemorate on this day the translation of the relics of St Dominic)  We had already celebrated with her as a community on the 9th of April – the actual anniversary.锘縏oday, 24 May, we mark the anniversary of the beginning of the canonization process of St. Dominic. As part of the process, as it remains to this day, his relics had to be inspected. This all took place in 1233, 12 years after Our Holy Father had died. We know from contemporary accounts that the brethren feared that the body of St. Dominic, which had lain in a mean tomb exposed to the elements, would be found eaten by worms and giving off a foul […]