A reflection given by one of our sisters on today’s Magnificat Antiphon, which addresses Christ as Emmanuel – God with us. (To listen, click the ‘play’ button in the box below). For an alternative audio player click here. O Emmanuel  Today we have come to the 7th and final 鈥極鈥 Antiphon 鈥 the climax of them all.鈥淥 Emmanuel, King and Lawgiver, desire of the nations; Saviour of all peoples: come and set us free, Lord our God.鈥 Or鈥淥 Emmanuel, You are our King and Judge; the One whom the peoples await and their Saviour.   O come, save us, Lord, our God,鈥滻n it, the Messiah is addressed in person and is asked to remain with us as Emmanuel.This 鈥 the last 鈥 is appointed for the day before Christmas Eve, when we are about to celebrate the coming of God to earth in human flesh.Since this is the last and […]