Destroy this sanctuary and in three days        I will raise it up .He was speaking of the sanctuary that was his body.Reading this passage in to-days Eucharist on the cleansing of the TempleI was struck by the intensity of Jesus鈥 zeal for the purity and integrity of his Father鈥檚 house. His attitude had always been one of immense respect for the temple as many incidents related in the Gospels tell us.    The prophecies had foretold of the destruction of the ancient temple which would be replaced by the New Temple, a temple of the living God, Jesus himself, who would offer to the Father the true worship in Spirit and in truth.        This theme of the true temple can be traced right through the scriptures to reveal that 鈥淛esus has truly transferred to his own person the privilege, long held by the temple, of being the place where mankind […]