As we approach the end of Novena to St. Dominic. I would like to share a thought on the fourth way of prayer of St. Dominic.

“St. Dominic, standing before the altar or in the Chapter Room, would fix his gaze on the crucifix, looking intently at Christ on the cross and kneeling down again and again.  Also at times, he spoke in his heart and his voice was not heard at all, and he would remain on his knees, his mind caught up in wonder, and this sometimes lasted a long time. Sometimes, when he was praying like this, his gaze seemed to have penetrated into the spiritual heavens, and he would suddenly be radiant with joy, wiping away the abundant tears running down his face. At such times he would be in an intensity of desire, like a thirsty man coming to a spring of water, or a traveller at last approaching his homeland. His prayers became stronger and more insistent; his movements rapid yet always sure and orderly, as he stood up and kneel down.”

Today is the feast of Transfiguration. And it seems to me that this prayer of St. Dominic is closely related to this feast. When the apostles saw Jesus transfigured they were overcome with wonder, amazement and deep joy. Maybe they also had to wipe away their tears. When St. Dominic was looking at Jesus on the cross and was overcome with joy, his joy was not only for himself, but for others. When we gaze at Jesus, we too become more and more aware – as St. Dominic did – of the mercy of God: and not only for ourselves, but for all sinners, for the whole world. With the apostles on the mountain, and St. Dominic at the cross, we pray “Lord it is wonderful for us to be here.”