O King of the nations, and their desire,

the cornerstone who makes both one.

Come and save mankind whom you formed of clay.

Today’s liturgy gives us two possible ways of entering into Mary’s soul. At Mass we heard her beautiful song of faith:

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord
And my spirit exults in God my Saviour” (Lk 1:46)

While the O Antiphon proclaims the poverty, the emptiness, the desire and the waiting, the Magnificat manifests the fullness, fulfilment, joy and thanksgiving for salvation. The Incarnation is God’s answer to the longing of human hearts. But Augustine says: “What does it avail me that this birth is happening, if it does not happen in me?”

“So you must be silent, then God will be born in you, utter his word in you and you shall hear it; but be very sure that if you speak, the word will have to be silent. If you go out He will most surely come in; as much as you go out for him He will come in to you; – no more, no less….

When shall we find and know this birth of God within us?

Only when we concentrate all our faculties within us and direct them all towards God.

Then He will be born in us and make Himself our very own.

He will give Himself to us as our own, more completely our own,  than anything we have ever called our own” (John Tauler).

The Kingdom of God is at hand……
The Kingdom of God is within you …(Lk 17:21)

Be glad, find  joy there, gather together and be present to Him who dwells within, since He is so close to you. Desire Him there, adore Him there and do not go off looking for Him elsewhere.

The Kingdom of God is a home for your soul.

We think of the Kingdom in the same way as the Israelites did. Like them we expect it to be a time of plenty. But the Kingdom comes to us in our poverty as we acknowledge truly and freely that we are sinners, in need of a Saviour and as we pray “Lord have mercy on me – I am a sinner!”

Jesus’ power is the power of grace and grace gives us freedom – freedom not from but for God, for life, – for life directed by the truth. Freedom to be different, more compassionate and understanding. Freedom to be more empty so that we may receive His present, His gracious gift to us which is His own very Presence.

Come Lord Jesus

Come into my emptiness that emptiness may be filled.

Come into my wilderness that the clay may bloom.

Come into my heart that I may live.

O King whom that peoples desire
O come and save us whom you made from clay.