Family Vocations Day

  5th April 2014 – the day is almost here!  Not to be missed!!!  As you see, we are hosting our 6th Annual Family Vocations Day – in St Saviour’s, Dublin.   It promises to be a great day, with plenty of opportunity to meet with members of the four branches of the Dominican Family – Lay Dominicans; Apostolic Sisters; Friars and Contemplative Nuns. The day will begin with an introductory presentation on Discernment, which always strikes a chord in the hearts of those who attend – even those of us who have already taken that step and embraced the OPs.There follow vocation stories from four people – each representing a different ‘branch’ of the family.  And being hosted so graciously by our beloved brethren, whose home we will be invading for the day – we get to meet some of the community and chat informally with them. Have you ever had questions that you never had the courage to ask religious?Have you ever had ‘niggles’ – maybe your faith is prompting you to explore an alternative expression?What is religious life and what is so special about the Dominicans? TRUTH – VERITAS is a motto of our Order. Why not think again?  Maybe we can help you in your discernment. You may never know unless you take the plunge! Contact Sr Niamh OP for more details.at: opfamily.vocationsday@gmail.com or phone (041) 98-38-524

Discernment Weekend

Below is an attractive (!) poster for our up-coming Discernment Weekend – 14 – 16th March, for anyone who might be wondering about where (or if?) they are being ‘called.’

April 5th is fast approaching!

To anyone interested in exploring the possibility of a Dominican Vocation ..whether to our Brothers, our apostolic Sisters, our Lay Dominican brothers and sisters, or ourselves the nuns …Doesn’t it look interesting?  Who are these people?  What do they do?  What is so attractive about being a Dominican?  And what does OP stand for?  Did you know the Dominican Family is as expansive as it is?Why not consider having your questions answered, by coming along to the day and meeting some of us?Do be sure to get in touch beforehand, as places are limited, and we can get to know you a little before you come.

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Lent and Vocation Discernment

A few thoughts for the beginning of Lent.I have always found Lent to be a very fruitful time for Vocation Discernment. I think it was because since I was a small child the high point of Easter for me was Holy Saturday night when, having intensely lived all that God had done for us in Christ (during the Triduum) I renewed my Baptismal Promises. I think part of the attraction was that it was a real, public, solemn, formal commitment to God that I could make before I was old enough to make my First Communion. So I always saw Lent as a time to prepare to make this re-commitment. To examine my life and see where I was failing to live as a Christian; to give more time to God (prayer, ‘holy’ reading, daily Mass etc.) and also to do things for others – Jesus said “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me”. This meant that my renewal of Baptismal Promises would not be just words but something I was living. Lent showed that I was serious about what I was saying, and of course it was meant to expand out to the rest of the year. But it is good to have that set time to stop and take track and re-centre my life on God.I think this ‘way of doing Lent’ really helped my Discernment during the years when I was discerning my Vocation. Since every Lent was a preparation for a solemn re-commitment and inherant in that commitment was my determination to do God’s will, whatever it was. So not only was I […]

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Novena to St Dominic – Day 5

One of the things that strikes me about Dominic is his openness to God’s will and his willingness to take the step he sees in faith without a clear vision of where it will finally lead. As Augusta Drane says in her account of his life:“His call was not sudden, or miraculous, or even extraordinary; it was that which is the likeliest to come to people like ourselves; particular impressions of mind were given just at the time when circumstances combined together gradually to develop the way in which those impressions could be carried out. He was always being led forward, not knowing there whither he went. As sub-prior of Osma he probably saw nothing before him but the ordinary community life of the cathedral chapter. Then came the journey to Denmark, on a mission whose ostensible object was a failure, but whose real end in the design of God was accomplished when it brought him into the presence of the heresy which it was his destiny to destroy. Yet though we have reason to believe that from the time of his first collision with the Albigenses a very clear and distinct idea was formed in his mind of some future apostolate of preaching, it is evident that he had no equally clear and determinate view in what direction he was to work; … He was on the road back to his old home, preparing to take up again the old duties and the old life which had been interrupted by two years, rich with new thoughts and hopes now, it seemed, to be forever abandoned; and then when he had made what was probably a painful sacrifice of great desires, those mysterious orderings […]

Vocation’s Sunday

On this Vocations’ Sunday we would like to share with our readers a talk on Vocation Discernment by Sr Mary Teresa – in particular her method of discerning her own vocation and what attracted her to our Order and Monastery – with images from our monastic life. Sr Mary Teresa is currently preparing to make her solemn profession on the 29th of June.

“Jesus looked steadily at him and loved him”

Last Sunday’s Gospel (the story of the rich young man, Mk ch 10) is a very rich one for vocation discernment. Every vocation grows from an awareness that, just as He did with the young man in the Gospel, Jesus is looking at me with love and saying, “come, follow me”. It is also important to see that a religious vocation is given to those who “lack” something – a religious vocation is not given to one who is holy but to one whom God wishes to make holy. Jesus looks at each one, just as we are, and loves us and calls us to follow him. It is out of that deep love that he says, “there is one thing you lack” – he loves us so much that he wants us to be complete and whole, loving God and our neighbour with our whole being. And so he calls us and says, “there is one thing you lack … come follow me”. Jesus is not saying we must be perfect to be called to religious life but He is calling us to religious life because He knows that this is the best way for us.A vocation is not so much what we do for God as what God is doing for us. The particular vocation to which Jesus calls each one of us is intended to help us to overcome what we are ‘lacking’. Many people speak of the ‘feeling that something was missing’ in their everyday life before they discerned their vocation. For me personally I experienced this sense that something was ‘lacking’ during my discernment regarding where the Lord was leading me and which Order I should to enter. […]

Vocation Discernment Weekends

Our vocation discernment weekends, last February/March and May/June, proved very helpful to those who participated . We will host two more such weekends in October (23rd – 25th)and Novemeber 2009 (20th – 22nd). If you are discerning the Lord’s call in your life and would like to know more about our Dominican contemplative way of life you will be welcome. During the weekend there are some conferences; opportunity to share in sung liturgy and Eucharistic Adoration; time for prayer and reflection. These weekends offer an opportunity to meet with other young people who are also discerning as well as meet with our young sisters who, after a process of discernment, have committed themselves to this way of life. In the event that the above dates are not convenient and you would like to avail of such an opportunity it is always possible to arrange for a visit or stay in our guest room or retreat house.For further information contact Sr M Breda OP at siena3@eircom.net or visit our web site.

Is Religious Life just ‘Hard Work’?

Please accept our apologies for our silence during the past few weeks!In the meantime we have had a week’s community’s ‘holidays’ – during which work is reduced a minimum and there is time and space for each sister to relax and take some extra rest, engage in favourite hobbies, watch a video etc.Last week was given over to a course of lectures on St Thomas and his theology of grace.On Monday next we begin our annual retreat of 8 days – at the end of which we look forward to welcoming an aspirant for a month’s ‘live-in’ experience. We ask your prayers for the light and guidance of the Holy Spirit for her and for the other young women who are discernimg their vocation to contemplative monastic life in our Dominican Order. We offer you the following reflection:Is Religious Life just ‘Hard Work’?Recently I came across a mention on a blog I follow to the effect that some people felt that his presentation of the spiritual life seemed to be one of working our way toward God, almost an endurance test. That got me thinking, since it seems to be a difficulty many people have with the Religious Life – the idea that it is something hard. I remember when I decided to enter I received a number of comments suggesting that I was doing something very demanding, especially since so few are entering nowadays. This impression of Religious Life as a hard thing fails to take into account the fundamental factor involved in a religious vocation – love. In the first place, from a purely natural point of view, anyone who is passionate about something, regards as nothing what others […]

Vocations Discernment Weekend

19th – 21st June(Friday evening – Sunday after lunch)Young women, interested in learning about our contemplative way of life, are invited to a weekend of prayer and reflection – with sung liturgy, Eucharistic Adoration, conferences and opportunity to meet with sisters.There is still a place for anyone interested. Contact Sr Breda OP at siena3@eircom.net More information on our main website at www.dominicannuns.ie