5th Sunday of the Year

 LIGHT for the World… YOU! This morning in all the readings at Holy Mass, we heard that the effect and the fruit of all our acts of charity is light.And throughout the books of the Bible, we come across this idea or image of light as being always something by which we can see the truth, see in truth.  Light and truth, then, go together … and when we meet Jesus, at last, in the Gospels … and when we are aware of His nearness to us in our own lives – we know that Light and Truth are a Person:the One who is our God. So, God who is Light, is also the Creator of all light, and in this morning’s Gospel, Jesus said to His disciples: “You are the light of the world …No one lights a lampto put it under a tub …” These words are very striking and powerful if we put God in the place of the “one” who “lights a lamp,” because in doing so, you see … YOU are the lamp He has lit – YOU are the light of the world …  God did not ‘light’ you up so as to hide you under a tub!  God created you to shine, and to shine for everyone. So, it seems that in a world where belief in God is not often highly regarded and is at times even scorned – for us who believe, Jesus is setting before us an invitation and a challenge.    We are to believe fearlessly and unashamedly in the Light – Light that is Him, and also Him in us.  We have been so filled with Him that He cannot be contained in us.  He dares us to know, […]

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Novena to St Catherine – Day 6

 In this Year of Faith, St. Catherine’s teaching on faith in the following letter can be helpful to all of us as we ponder her words: Letter T 31 to Madonna MitarellaMarch 1373 In the name of Jesus Christ crucified and of gentle Mary.Dearest and very loved mother and sister in Christ gentle Jesus, I Caterina, useless servant of Jesus Christ, send you greetings and encouragement in his precious blood. I long to see you a faithful servant in God’s sight, firm in the faith that gives joy and happiness to our soul. We must have the sort of faith our Saviour spoke of: “If you had faith as small as a grain of mustard seed and you commanded this mountain, it would move.” I beg you, dearest sister, to keep living in this faith.You wrote me that because of what has happened, you are placing your faith and confidence only in the prayers of God’s servants. I beg you then, in the name of God and of our gentlest love Jesus Christ, to stand firm in this sweet holy faith. Oh sweet life-giving faith! If you persevere in that faith, sadness will never overtake your heart. For sadness comes only from putting our trust in creatures. But creatures are frail, lifeless things that sooner or later fail, and our heart can never rest except in what is stable and secure. When we set our heart on other people it is not set on anything stable, for a human being is alive today and tomorrow is dead. So, if we wish to have peace we must rest our heart and soul with faith and love in Christ crucified. Only then will our soul find […]

Novena to St Dominic – Day 5

One of the things that strikes me about Dominic is his openness to God’s will and his willingness to take the step he sees in faith without a clear vision of where it will finally lead. As Augusta Drane says in her account of his life:“His call was not sudden, or miraculous, or even extraordinary; it was that which is the likeliest to come to people like ourselves; particular impressions of mind were given just at the time when circumstances combined together gradually to develop the way in which those impressions could be carried out. He was always being led forward, not knowing there whither he went. As sub-prior of Osma he probably saw nothing before him but the ordinary community life of the cathedral chapter. Then came the journey to Denmark, on a mission whose ostensible object was a failure, but whose real end in the design of God was accomplished when it brought him into the presence of the heresy which it was his destiny to destroy. Yet though we have reason to believe that from the time of his first collision with the Albigenses a very clear and distinct idea was formed in his mind of some future apostolate of preaching, it is evident that he had no equally clear and determinate view in what direction he was to work; … He was on the road back to his old home, preparing to take up again the old duties and the old life which had been interrupted by two years, rich with new thoughts and hopes now, it seemed, to be forever abandoned; and then when he had made what was probably a painful sacrifice of great desires, those mysterious orderings […]

Who do you think you are?

Have you had a look at next Sunday’s Gospel yet? Do you realise what you’re missing out on, by waiting for the priest to proclaim it at Mass? Well, just to whet your appetite a bit, what follows is a little something that may give you some food for thought.The Gospel this coming Sunday is taken from St Mark, chapter 2 – you have to love Mark, he’s in such a hurry for you to get the message! It is the account of the cure of the paralytic. What I found striking this week, were the words of Jesus to the paralytic – he called him “My child”. ‘… Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralytic, “My child, your sins are forgiven.” …’So, there you are – whoever it is you think you are – the truth is, when you come to Jesus – and He is the Truth – that is how he thinks of you, no matter what. Read the Gospel text and you will notice the paralytic described as a paralytic right the way through it. But, Jesus doesn’t look at him that way, doesn’t see him that way: To Jesus, he is ‘My child’. To Jesus, you are ‘My child’ – that means without condition, just as you are, warts and all. You don’t have to make yourself perfect in order to be acceptable to God, you don’t have to make yourself clean and saintly or holy – and anyway do you know how? Could you even make a beginning? If the work of purification belonged to ourselves alone, to myself alone, I wonder would I summon up the […]

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