Glory of God

In Praise of the Riches of Autumn

 The world is charged with the glory of God – so wrote the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins – glory to Him for all the beauty of creation.For simple things that we take so much for granted – water supply and food and air, for lions and tigers and grass-hoppers alike – spiders and peacocks and swallows “on the run”.For giving us food from the soil, brown bread from an ear of corn and wine from the vine to keep us cheerful.Now in these autumn days we thank you Father for the berries in black-berry bushes and fruits and hazel-nuts – for the beauty of autumn colours with their variety of hues of soft browns and golden yellow orange tints – bright reds to catch the little birds eye.  Praise to you too for those glorious sunrises and sunsets that artists and poets never tire of proclaiming by word or brush.The eye marvels at all the richness, our minds are stilled and amazed as after the summer heat falls the reviving dew.  Eccl.43“Harvester God, as the Autumn suns ripen the grain – Ripen our souls too.As the brown leaves fall and the sheaves of corn are stored away, help us to leave behind the cares of Summer and go forward with deepening compassion and trust” – Sr.Marie O.S.U.“The heavens and the earth are indeed telling of the glory of God, and all creation is singing for joy – -Come, come dance through the leaves that scatter our pathsand sing, sing to the glory of God”.“cf. Canticle of the Sun’’ Marty Haugen

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    Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross – 14th September

Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross – 14th September

At Vespers this evening we will sing: “This is Love’s great deed that death should die, when life itself was slain up the tree.”  Here we are faced with a paradox – a paradox which human nature has always found difficult to grasp – and which is even more difficult nowadays.  At Lauds we sang: “The holy Cross shines in splendour”; “The holy Cross shines upon us, in the Cross is victory, in the Cross is power.  By the Cross every sin is overcome.”  We may ask ourselves if we experience some of this victory and power in our daily lives. And if not why not?The following passage from St Andrew of Cretewhich we read at Office of Readings is particularly beautiful: We are celebrating the feast of the Cross, whereby darkness was dispelled and the light restored. We are celebrating the feast of the Cross and with the Crucified One we are raised up, leaving behind us the earth and sin so that we may possess what is above. How great the Cross! What blessings it holds! He who possesses it possesses a treasure.  More noble, more precious than anything on earth, in fact and in name, it is indeed a treasure, for in it and through it and for it all the riches of our salvation were stored away and restored to us.The folly of the Cross is truly a great mystery!  At the very moment when Jesus is most helpless and vulnerable, nailed to the Cross immobile a great hollow space is dug out, as it were, in His heart for us; he reaches out to embrace sinful humanity, He speaks out both His and our ‘yes’ to the Fatheras He […]

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21st Sunday of Year C 2013

 “They will proclaim my glory to the nations” (Isaiah 66:20)There are several themes running through this Sunday’s liturgy and the one that spoke most to me was the call to “proclaim my glory to the nations” and the invitation to be a witness “to my glory”v.19.I found these words of life extraordinary – really like a rallying call to us, coming almost immediately after our Cardinal consecrated Irelandto the Immaculate Heart of Mary.Is the Lord calling us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus as the Gospel today tells us – “Through towns and villages Jesus went preaching…” Lk.13.22  proclaiming the glory of his Father to both Jews and Gentiles alike.Remember how after the miracle at the Wedding of Cana ‘He let his glory be seen and his disciples believed in him’ Jn.2.12  and later he prays ‘Father, I have given them the glory you gave to me that they may be one as we are one’ – thus he prepared and strengthened them for their future work of Evangelisation.How are we to be witnesses of this glory of Jesus today?  For some it will mean going ‘through our towns and villages, teaching and sharing the good news that we have a Father who loves us, who in fact is madly in love with us.  Just take the time to look into the face of a little flower – it ‘has neither spun or woven its own beauty, yet not even Solomon in all his glory is arrayed like it.’  Jesus himself tells us ‘there is no need to be afraid Lk.12.2  little flock, for it has pleased your father to give you the kingdom.’ The prophet Isaiah also tells us about this good […]

A Bumblebee and the Death of Christ

In our ancient Celtic legends stories of the loyalty of animals to several saints abound. Perhaps one of the best known is about Columba. Knowing that his death was approaching he made a tour of his monastery. As he paused for rest, the old white horse that carried the milk pails for the monks approached and laid his head against Columba’s breast and as if mourning he seemed to weep for his friend. A story is also told about Kevin of Glendalough, who allowed a blackbird to hatch her eggs on his outstretched hand where she had built her nest while he prayed!So perhaps it is not altogether out of keeping that a bumble bee had much to say to me recently. I met him sitting on a wall sunbathing {it was still mid-March} An elegant looking fellow he was, complete with yellow decorations accross his back! What caught my attention immediately was his total stillness except for the rhythmic breathing of his little body as he received breath after breath from his Creator.You will smile perhaps but it remains vividly in my mind as a moment of great beauty—this little creature basking in the sustaining love of its Creator.The Dogmatic Constitution Dei Verbum tells us that “God who creates and conserves all things by his Word provides constant evidence of himself in created realities” If then, as St. Bonoventure wrote, ‘every creature is a word of God since it proclaims God’, what was this simple bumble bee trying to tell us about the breathing of God or indeed about the love story of God?Sadly this divine initiative of giving us our breath is so normal it can be forgotten.It is truly his […]