5th Sunday of the Year

 LIGHT for the World… YOU! This morning in all the readings at Holy Mass, we heard that the effect and the fruit of all our acts of charity is light.And throughout the books of the Bible, we come across this idea or image of light as being always something by which we can see the truth, see in truth.  Light and truth, then, go together … and when we meet Jesus, at last, in the Gospels … and when we are aware of His nearness to us in our own lives – we know that Light and Truth are a Person:the One who is our God. So, God who is Light, is also the Creator of all light, and in this morning’s Gospel, Jesus said to His disciples: “You are the light of the world …No one lights a lampto put it under a tub …” These words are very striking and powerful if we put God in the place of the “one” who “lights a lamp,” because in doing so, you see … YOU are the lamp He has lit – YOU are the light of the world …  God did not ‘light’ you up so as to hide you under a tub!  God created you to shine, and to shine for everyone. So, it seems that in a world where belief in God is not often highly regarded and is at times even scorned – for us who believe, Jesus is setting before us an invitation and a challenge.    We are to believe fearlessly and unashamedly in the Light – Light that is Him, and also Him in us.  We have been so filled with Him that He cannot be contained in us.  He dares us to know, […]

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First Sunday of Advent – 2013

 Readings: Isaiah 2:1-5                 Romans: 13:11-14                 Mt24:37-44 The Mass readings for this first Sunday of Advent provide us with a wake-up call: St Paul tells us “you must wake up now” and in the Gospel Jesus tells us to “stay awake!” while the Prophet Isaias invites us to “walk in the light of the Lord.”  So as we begin a new Church year we are invited to come into the light – to remove the blinds from the windows of our hearts and to let the light shine in – remembering that the true Light is Jesus Himself.  He is the True Light shining on us and who desires to penetrate and posses our inmost being.  The struggle between light and darkness is a perennial one – it is the struggle in which we are all engaged – the struggle to keep our hearts free and not to allow ourselves to be enslaved by false attractions – the struggle to keep our hearts free for God alone.  It is the struggle about which Paul speaks in the letter to the Romans: “no drunken orgies, no promiscuity or licentiousness and no wrangling or jealousy.” And he advises us: “Let your armour be the Lord Jesus Christ; forget about satisfying your bodies with all their cravings.”   Today there is a lot of darkness in the world around us – at times it would seem that the powers of darkness are let loose but we know that the light will eventually triumph.   More than ever before it is necessary for us to “give up all the things we prefer to do under cover of the dark and arm ourselves and appear in the light.” We must let nothing enslave […]

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Happy Christmas

    “God made Himself small so that we could understand Him, welcome Him and love Him” Pope Benedict XVI We send all our readers our greetings and best wishes for Christmas and the coming New Year.  Remembering you in our prayer. Christmas Reflection “The people that walked in darkness has seen a great light;on those who live in a land of deep shadowa light has shone…….For there is a child born for usa son given to us”  (Isaiah Ch 9).This theme of ‘light dispelling darkness’ is like a silver thread woven into the Advent and Christmas liturgies.  As we look around our world we become aware of a great darkness – a lack of faith and hope as is evidenced by the violence and corruption, poverty and hunger, sickness and suicides – so many people wandering aimlessly searching for happiness which always eludes them.  No doubt we need go no further than our own heart to become aware of the darkness – after all the heart is the battleground between darkness and the light and to the extent that the light triumphs in the hearts of individual men and women there will be light in our world at large.Tonight we celebrate the breaking onto our world of darkness of a Light which is eternal as we sing at the Day Mass “Today a great light has shone down upon the earth.” The “glory of the Lord” shone around the shepherds when the angel brought them “news of great joy – a joy to be share with all the people” Our God who is Love and who lives in “inaccessible light” has broken into our world – the Word who is the “radiant light of the God’s glory” (Heb 1:3) has […]

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Novena to St Dominic – Day 9

At the beginning of the Libellus – Blessed Jordan’s account of the beginnings of the Order, we read: “God’s Providence raised up the Order of Preachers as a remedy for the perils of these latter days.”   Other early biographical documents describe the world into which Dominic was born as a “world wrapped in darkness where the light was sinking” – where Dominic “shone like a new star” and as a “light that would illuminate with its beams the whole world”  – a light not just for his own time but has continued to shine, through the members of his Order, down to our own day when the darkness and confusion seem to grow even more intense and widespread. We are all part of that darkness through our own sinfulness, blindness and stubbornness.  Yet as Christians and followers of Dominic we are also called to be light in the midst of the darkness of our time.We notice that the darkness grows more intense as God seems to be increasingly forgotten and excluded from our society.  The remedy then is for us to become more aware of the all-encompassing Presence of God and to live our lives bathed in the light of that Presence – to radiate that presence to those around us as Dominic did.  Dominic we are told spoke only to God or about God – yet he was a wonderful companion to his brothers and sisters – always radiating compassion, gentleness and kindness.  In his recent letter to the Order fr Bruno reminded us that “the Divine Office, the sanctification of the hours, is an act of faith for us that, despite our failings, brings us always into the Presence of God.”  And he […]

The Sun of Righteousness

“For you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness will shine out with healing in its rays.” Malachi 3.20 Blessed John H. Newman has a word to say to us on this last line of to-days first reading. If Christ is our sole hope, and Christ is given us by the Spirit, and the Spirit be an inward presence, our sole hope is in an inward change. As a light placed in a room pours out its rays on all sides, so the presence of the Holy Spirit imbues is with life,strength, holiness, love, acceptableness, righteousness…..That divine influence, which has the fullness of Christs grace to purify us, has also the power of Christs blood to justify. Let us never lose sight of this great and simple view…..Christ himself vouchsafes to repeat in each of us in figure and mystery all that he did and suffered in the flesh.He is formed in us, born in us, suffers in us, rises again in us…..and this divine presence constitutes the title of each one of us to heaven……..Are you living in the conviction of Gods presence ?Do you believe, and act on the belief, that his light penetrates and shines through your heart, as the sun beams through a room ? You know how things look when the suns beams are on it…Let us then beg him to teach us the mystery of his presence in us, that, by acknowledging it,we may possess it fruitfully…..In all circumstances of joy or sorrow, hope or fear, let us aim at having him in our inmost heart; let us have no secret apart from him. Let us acknowledge him as […]

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