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Order of Preachers

A Window into Our Life

Welcome to a new 鈥榝eature鈥 on our web-site 鈥


We shall call it a 鈥榃indow into the Life of a Dominican Nun,鈥 in a rather loose way.


Through this 鈥榳indow,鈥 we hope to give you an idea of what the life of a contemplative nun of the Order of Preachers consists in; to offer some food for thought; maybe also help you to encounter God in a more personal way; and to help any young women who might be discerning a vocation, to understand better who we are and whether how we live, is how they also seek to live, for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.


The beginning of our Constitutions shows how we are so closely connected to our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Family:

鈥溾 the first reason for which we are gathered together in community

is to live in harmony, having one mind and heart in God.

This unity transcends the limits of the monastery and attains its fullness in

communion with the Order and with the whole Church of Christ.鈥


One mind and one heart in God.聽 It is a rare, rare gift, to live in a community where everyone is intent on loving the Lord with every fibre of their being, especially in a world in which He is for the most part 鈥榓n inconvenience鈥 and unwelcome.聽 But here we are, with like-minded and like-hearted sisters, and we each share the same fundamental and consuming desire:

That the Lord may be loved; and that everyone on earth might come to know Him and the immensity of His love for them.

Sr Mary Cathy’s Profession – 2nd February

After a week of wind, rain and hail stones the sun shone brightly on Saturday morning  and continued to shine all day – symbol of the light and joy we celebrated on this feast of the Presentation of the Lord as Sr Mary Cathy made her Profession – an appropriate way to mark this day dedicated to Consecrated Life.Fr Gerard Dunne OP, vicar of the Master of the Order for our  monastery, presided and was joined by our brothers from the local community and several others including Fr Gregory Carroll, Provincial and Fr Eamonn McCarthy from Cloyne diocese – a friend of Sr Cathy.In addition to Sr M Cathy’s family we were very happy to welcome Sr Marie Redmond OP, novice mistress and her two novices, from the Cabra Congregation of Dominican Sisters and all our student brothers from St Saviour’s Priory, Dublin.  Fr John Harris preached the homily – which we hope to share with you later.  We were joined in the chapel by a large number of Lay Dominicans and local friends.The following photos will convey to you something of the joy which we all experienced.Sr Mary Cathy makes prostration and asks for God’s mercy and that of the communityThe prioress questions Sr Mary Cathy before making her profession Sr Mary Cathy makes her profession in the hands of the prioress as is customary in our Order:  I, Sr Mary Cathy Howard, make profession, and promise obedience to God and to Blessed Mary and to Blessed Dominic and to the Master of the Order of Friars Preachers, Bro Bruno Cadore, and to you Sister Mary Breda Carroll, Prioress of this Monastery of St Catherine of Siena, Drogheda and to your successors, according to the Rule of the Blessed Augustine and the Constitutions of the […]

Meeting of Dominican Nuns in Krakow

From the 5th to the 10th of September Dominican nuns from the region of Europe which is outside Italy, France and Spain met at a Vincentian retreat centre at Krzeszowice near Krakow.  We came from the monasteries of Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Vilnius, Oslo, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal (Fatima) and Srs Mairead and Breda from our community in Drogheda.  fr Brian Pierce OP the promoter for the Dominican  nuns was present throughout the meeting.  fr Viktor Hofstetter OP, a former promoter gave some of the conferences and fr J贸zef Zborzil, Promotor of the Nuns in Poland, fr Krzysztof Pop艂awski, the Polish Provincial were present as invited guests and for the last two days we were privileged to have fr Bruno Cador茅, the Master of the Order with us – we greatly appreciated the fact that fr Bruno interrupted his work in S Sabina, Rome in order to come to share these days with us.This is the third such meeting in recent years – the first being in Prague in 2005 and the second in Sthrhlfeld, Germany in 2008. Our biggest problem in this region is the language barrier but we had an excellent group of Dominican brothers and sisters who provided us with simultaneous translation.  One sister suggested that we spoke four languages – Polish, English, German and the language of the heart!  The liturgy was celebrated in a different language each day and we ended the day with a silent Eucharistic Hour.  Nodoubt this beautifully refurbished retreat centre was an ideal setting for our meeting – with the possiblity for walks on the grounds and in a nearby wooded park and along a river bank.  Of course the beatiful sunshine and warm weather was an added bonus for us coming from Ireland where we have been waiting for summer since […]

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Novena to St Dominic -Day 4

As we draw nearer to the feast of St Dominic, I have been thinking again about how he is in a sense a 鈥榤ysterious鈥 and 鈥榦bscure鈥 kind of saint: so much has been written in an attempt to make him known, while he wrote so very little himself 鈥 his 鈥榳ords鈥 are the sisters and brothers he gathered together into the Order of Preachers; the souls he won for the Lord Who was his most intimate friend.I considered what a great legacy he left, in leaving so 鈥榣ittle,鈥 because he thus can be a saint everyone can truly know and have as a close friend; and when we see the diversity within the Order: how he founded an Order that has room for every one 鈥 we can be moved to a wonderful sense of gratitude to our eternal Father, for blessing St Dominic with that certainty and confidence in Him, that He can and does make us one, who are so very different and distinct.I wondered where would be a good place to come to know St Dominic, and in reading his 鈥榝ourth way of prayer,鈥 it seemed that here is the answer.In this way of prayer, Dominic 鈥榚ither before the altar or in the Chapter Room, with his eyes fixed on the crucifix, would contemplate it with indescribable intensity.  He would make numerous genuflections before it. … After such prayers he was filled with great trust in the mercy of God for himself, for all sinners and for the preservation of the younger brethren whom he was sending out into the world to preach the Gospel to souls.  He was sometimes unable to refrain from breaking into speech, repeating words of the […]

Novena to St Dominic – Day 2

This reflection concerns prayer and spirituality in the lives of St. Dominic and the early Dominicans and I will quote some passages from the book 鈥 Early Dominicans鈥 (The classics of Western Spirituality) 鈥 from the Introduction by Fr. Simon Tugwell O.P.Fr. Simon says :鈥 that the early Dominicans were not particularly concerned either for themselves or for others with what has come to be called the 鈥渋nterior life鈥. Some of them, certainly, were great men of prayer, but their prayer was simple, devotional and largely petitionary. They retained the monastic practice of spending some time in private prayer after Compline and Matins, though this was not put into any constitutional text as an obligation. There is no hint at all of any methodical 鈥榤ental prayer鈥, such as we find in later centuries, nor is there any sign of any theory of mystical progress attached to their simple prayers.鈥 Fr. Simon goes on to say:鈥淲hat we know of the prayer of St. Dominic shows that it was habitually intercessory and his meditations and contemplations are shown as resulting typically in preaching of one kind or another. This suggests that even the prayers and devotions of the Dominicans have an apostolic quality and this impression is reinforced by the discovery that Jordan of Saxony, Dominic鈥檚 immediate successor, who was regarded by his brethren, as a powerful man of prayer, says of himself, 鈥淚 hardly ever pray鈥, a complaint echoed in other early Dominican writings. The all-absorbing ambition of the friars was 鈥渢o be useful to the souls of others鈥. Their own spiritual exercises were designed to make them better preachers, and their own spiritual progress was not sought as a goal in its own right […]

Novena to St Dominic, Day One

In reflecting on St Dominic, as we approach his Feast Day on the 8th August, I was impressed by something Simon Tugwell, O.P. wrote in his introduction to Bl Jordan of Saxony’s “Libellus”. He wrote, In the ‘Libellus’, Jordan shows us how the Order of Preachers arose, not simply as the brainchild of one man, Dominic, but as a providential response to the needs of the time … If it was, in fact, Dominic who actually brought the Order to birth, he did not create it out of nothing. The church was ready and waiting for it, and there were people waiting to join it even before it existed. …”The relationship between Dominic and his Order cannot be understood simply in terms of some uniquely inventive capacity in Dominic himself. Essentially he is the father of the Order because he gave it its job to do, and because he supports it with his prayers. …The true ‘Life of Dominic’ was not to be found in the past, it was to be found in the present, in the continuing preaching of his followers. As St Catherine saw so clearly, Dominic lives on in the work of his Order. …””… a providential response to the needs of the time …””… the church was ready and waiting …””… the life of Dominic to be found in the present …”I wondered what job Dominic would give us to do today, when our church has such great needs now, and is ready and waiting … for us?Nothing new.”Everybody was enfolded in the wide embrace of his charity, and since he loved everyone, everyone loved him.” At a time, now, during these days, when […]

New Master of the Dominican Order

Sunday, 5th September, the General Chapter of the Order of Preachers, founded by Saint Dominic, elected Bro. Bruno Cador茅 as new Master of the Order. Elected for a nine year term of office, he succeeds Bro. Carlos Azpiroz Costa, an Argentinean, who was Master of the Order from 2001 to 2010, and before him Bro. Timothy Radcliffe, a friar from England, well known all over the world for his publications and preaching. The last Frenchman to occupy this post was Bro Vincent de Couesnongle, Master of the Order from 1974 to 1983.Meeting in Rome since the first of September, the General Chapter of the Order is made up of 127 delegates from all the continents. Prior Provincials are members of the Chapter and also the Delegates elected by the friars themselves according to the democratic tradition of the Dominican Order. The General Chapter, which is the sovereign governing body, shall be working for the next two weeks to give the Order some important guidelines which the newly elected Master is expected to put into practice during his term of office.Aged 56, Bro. Bruno Cador茅 was up till now the Provincial for the Dominicans of the Province of France. He served in this office for the past eight years, after having been in charge of the formation of the young friars, especially in Lille. He was a medical doctor when he started his novitiate, and he worked for two years in Haiti before starting his Dominican studies. He is a Doctor in theology and he taught biomedical ethics at the Catholic University of Lille where he was director of the centre for Medical Ethics until he was elected Prior Provincial in 2002. From January 2008 […]

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2016- Jubilee of the foundation of Order of Preachers

Since Advent of 2006 the Dominican Family worldwide has been preparing to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the confirmation of the Order of Preachers, which will happen in 2016. We began this grace-filled pilgrimage by commemorating the founding of the first Dominican community in Prouilhe – the birth place of the Holy Preaching. The brothers and sisters who minister in the General Curia at Santa Sabina in Rome, in an attempt to give these ten years of Jubilee Pilgrimage a central focus, have decided to group the entire decade of Jubilee years under one general guiding theme, 芦Woe to us if we do not preach the gospel!禄 (cf. 1 Cor 9:16). These words of St. Paul, which could be said to be at the heart of our Dominican vocation, will be the guiding light that enlightens our steps as we journey to the Jubilee celebration of 2016. The sub-theme provided for each year offers us the opportunity to focus on a particular dimension of our Dominican life and ministry.Advent 2006 until Epiphany 2008 was proclaimed as a special jubilee year marking the foundation of the nuns. As each monastery was a place of pilgrimage during this year all the members of the Dominican family were invited to join with the nuns in 鈥済iving thanks to God for our Dominican vocation to Praise, to Bless and to Preach God with the Church, in the Church and for the Church鈥漈his past year Advent 2007 to Advent 2008 we remembered the important place that the Holy Rosary has played in the history and tradition of our Order. As it is the figure of St. Dominic that unites us during these important years, during […]

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