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Our Lady

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    15th August 2013 – Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary – Consecration of Ireland to the Immcaculate Heart of Mary –

15th August 2013 – Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary – Consecration of Ireland to the Immcaculate Heart of Mary –

Today at Knock Shrine Cardinal Sean Brady together with co-adjutor Archbishop Eamon Martin, Archbishop Charles Brown – the Papal Nuncio  and the Bishops of Ireland will consecrate Ireland to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  We pray that this entrusting of our country to Mary our Mother will bear abundant fruit in holiness of life in our people.  At our Eucharist this morning we, in solidarity with the Bishops, prayed the act of consecration entrusting ourselves, our community, our Church and our country to Mary’s hands. Act of ConsecrationMost Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Refuge of Sinners, we entrust and consecrate ourselves, our family, our home and our Dioceses to Jesus through your Immaculate Heart. As your children, we promise to follow your example in our lives by doing at all times the will of God. O Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, we renew today the promises of our Baptism and Confirmation. Intercede for us with the Holy Spirit that we may be always faithful to your Divine Son, to his Mystical Body, the Catholic Church, and to the teachings of his Vicar on earth, our Holy Father the Pope. Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Queen and our Mother, we promise to uphold the sanctity of marriage and the welfare of the family. Watch over our minds and hearts and preserve our youth from dangers to the faith and the many temptations that threaten them in the world today. We ask you, Mary our Advocate,  to intercede with your divine Son. Obtain for our country the grace to uphold the uniqueness of every human life, […]

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1st January – Solemnity of the Mother of God

As I reflected today on the idea of New Year鈥檚 Day, what came to me was an image of a DOOR 鈥 something similar to a door opening into a beautiful Castle or an old Country Home or the magnificent Concert Hall in Vienna where the Concert was held this morning viewed on T.V. 鈥 a world of wonder, beauty and art at its best. So starting a New Year is something like that today and in the days ahead. We are opening a door on a whole new world 鈥 a world of joys and sorrows, surprises, and disappointments etc. In the bigger world out there, there are huge Financial problems like the Fiscal Cliff the United States is facing at the moment 鈥 here at home in Ireland the aftermath of the Austerity Budget, new taxes, house tax, water tax, car tax increase and insurance also, cuts in children鈥檚 allowance and in Carer鈥檚 allowance, etc. All very real and very difficult for many or most families. So with all these pre-occupations, it is important that we look at the very deepest part of ourselves as we move into the unknown space of this New Year of 2013. As I said above, the image that came to me was the door and I thought of that famous and most beautiful picture of Holman Hunt鈥檚’ painting of 鈥淭he Light of the World鈥. It is the ideal picture to view at the beginning of the year 鈥 the time when we are called and invited to open our door, and step forward into a new meeting with Christ. When this picture was first shown to the public, the Artist鈥檚 attention was drawn to a serious […]

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary- 8th September

Athough it is a  little late we feel it is worth while offering you this homily preached by our brother Brian Pierce, (promoter of the Dominican nuns) during a regional meeting of Dominican nuns which took place over the past week in Krakow, Poland.  We will be sharing with you some highlights of this meeting in due course.  Gospel: Mt 1:1-16, 18-23 路        Novels and short stories are two of the most popular kinds of literature. The gospel we have just heard is certainly not a short story!  In fact, it鈥檚 a very long novel-like story 鈥 one that is still being written and lived today. 路        If we read carefully, we will see that this very loooongstory has a colorful list of characters in it.  There鈥檚 a lot of brokenness and sin woven through that long list of names 鈥 but there is a lot of grace, too.  It is Joseph鈥檚 story, but because of God鈥檚 mysterious plan, it is also Mary鈥檚 story.  And that means it is also our story, too.  路        Today we celebrate Mary鈥檚 birth.  But our gospel begins long before her birth. Not even Dostoevsky could write a story with so much drama and mystery and passion and pain 鈥 and love! 路        God鈥檚 story is a profound story.  Hundreds of years, thousands of years flowed into a single moment in history: the boy named Joseph grew up to be a man who met the lovely girl named Mary.  God was so patient, so creative.  So many people played a part in this love story.  Abraham married Sarah. Boaz 鈥 the son of Rahab 鈥 married the Moabite woman, Ruth.  And Ruth 鈥 not even an Israelite 鈥 became the […]

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Our Lady鈥檚 Assumption

A Reflection by one of our Sisters, for the Solemnity of the AssumptionDaughters of Sion – Come and see the maiden of Nazareth as she is borne to Heaven, to receive the crown prepared for her on the day of her heart鈥檚 desire. (cf Song of Songs throughout).Mary, dear one, see where your Son stands behind our wall, he peers through the lattice, your Beloved lifts up his voice and says to you:鈥楥ome then my love,my lovely one, come,For see winter is past,the rains are over and gone.The flowers appear on the earth 鈥 the wheat fields are all golden for the harvest.The season of reaping has come.Ag Criost an SiolAg Chriost an Fowharin iothalin D茅.Go dtugtar sinn 鈥搃nto God鈥檚 garnering,may you, Mary, be drawn,and he, your Son, repeats his invitation with growing urgency.We can sense how God too, is yearning to have his Bride come home.Come, then my love, my lovely one, come,my dove hiding in the cleft of the rockin the home of John the Beloved.For your voice is sweet and your face comely.Mary you are indeed wholly beautiful, my love, and without blemish.鈥楤ecause he that is mighty has done great things in you鈥. (Lk.1)鈥淥h, to be with you Mary in this place where you are. To say nothing, to gaze at your face. To let the heart sing its own language. To say nothing, but only sing because one鈥檚 heart is full. Like the blackbird which follows its own idea in sudden bursts of song. Because you are beautiful, because you are immaculate. The woman full of grace at length restored, the creature in her first honour and full bloom. Just as she came forth from God at the dawn of […]

The Rosary and Dominican Nuns

The following is a short reflection on my vocation as a contemplative Dominican nun, in the light of the five joyful mysteries of the Rosary – text of a presentation given recently to a group of young people .The AnnunciationSt Thomas Aquinas likes to maintain that Jesus was the first Dominican, and I鈥檓 not saying that he was wrong! But we know that St Dominic established the nuns before his brother preachers, and in the first joyful mystery, we see Mary, called by God, invited to be His mother, to be the one through whom He would come into the world, and give Himself – entirely – to us and for us. You see, Mary 鈥 before Jesus!I was thinking about this over the past while, and I think it is true to say that joining the Legion of Mary was the first thing I did for myself, as being something I really wanted to do. We were at Mass one Sunday, and a Legionary had got up to speak a bit about their mission, to encourage us to think about joining them. I had wanted to do something more for God than just go to Mass on Sundays, and this seemed to be a way that I could make some kind of return to Him for all He had done for me. It was a pretty amazing foundation 鈥 being among people for whom God is supremely important. The Lord had blessed me with a strong sense of Himself, I would even say a desire for Him, and this was how I thought I could express that, live it out. In the Legion, I could at last […]

Mary’s sorrows

Recently one of our sisters wrote this beautiful icon of ‘The Mother of Hard Hearts’ under the guidance of Icon Master Mihai Cucu. while attending an icon course hosted by the Redemptoristine community in Drumcondra.The Mother of Hard Hearts is one of the few icon types where the Mother is shown without the Child. It is a relatively recent development in Orthodox iconography and reveals evidence of the increasing influence of Western religious painting and concepts. This iconographic type represents Mary’s meditation on the Passion of her Son and has its origins in the Western representations of the Mother of Seven Sorrows, in turn inspired by the words of Simeon to Mary during the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple …”and a sword shall pierce thy heart” (Lk 2:55).The seven swords in the icon each designate one of the following sorrows: – the prophecy of Simeon – the flight into Egypt – the Boy Jesus leavng his parents to visit the Temple in Jerusalem – the Mother of God’s meeting her Son on the Via Dolorosa – the Crucifixion of Christ – the deposition from the Cross – the Entombment of JesusDuring the coming weeks you will find on our web-site meditations on each of these sorrows of Mary – from this link- (also found on top left of this page)

2nd Sunday Cycle C

THEYHAVE NO WINE1st Reading: Is 62:1-52nd Reading: 1Cor 12:4-11Gospel: Jn 2:1-12Reflection 1A homely scene some 2000 years agoA wedding feast at Cana.Jesus, God and man invited,His disciples too.The wine runs shortMary, God鈥檚 own Mother takes note,Her appeal to her Son bears fruit.Water is turned into wine and in abundance! And today? Jesus loves the Church, you and me, as a Bride. He conquered our sin and death by His appalling Death And glorious Resurrection.Brought us redemption; blessed us with his Spirit.Shamefully we, members of the Church, have been unfaithful.The God of love does not forsake us:鈥淣o longer are you to be named 鈥榝orsaken鈥檔or your land 鈥榓bandoned鈥檅ut you shall be called 鈥榤y delight鈥檃nd your land 鈥榯he wedded鈥橠are we once again heed God鈥檚 Mother And do what he tells us?鈥楻epent and believe the Gospel.鈥欌楲ove one another as I have loved you鈥.鈥楩orgive and you shall be forgiven鈥欌楢s the Father has loved me so I have loved you remain in my love’He let his glory be seen (through us) and his disciplesBelieved in him.As the bridegroom rejoices in his bride,So will your God rejoice in you.Thank you, Merciful Jesus, friend of sinners.Reflection 2About Zion I will not be silentAbout Jerusalem I will not grow wearyuntil her integrity shines out like the dawn,and her salvation flames like a torchIn this 1st.reading of to-days liturgy we hear an echo of Jesus’ great cry on the Cross—- I THIRST.Thirsting-yes but for what?—–Water to be sure, to quench […]

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Mary’s month

Traditionally the month of May is know as ‘Mary’s month’. Today the 8th May the Dominican family honours her under the title of Patroness of our Order. There is a lovely story told by Sr Cecilia (one of the first Dominican nuns of the monastery of San Sisto, Rome) who knew Dominic personally:Once while Dominic was praying he was caught up in spirit before God and saw the Lord and the Blessed Virgin sitting at His right. It seemed to Blessed Dominic that Our Lady was wearing a cloak the colour of saphire.As Blessed Dominic looked around, he could see religious of all the orders but his own before the throne of God. He began to weep bitterly and stood apart, not daring to approach the Lord and His Mother. Then Our Lady motioned for him to come near. But he would not dare, until the Lord Himself also called him.Blessed Dominic cast himself down before them weeping bitterly. The Lord told him to rise and when he did, asked him “Why are your weeping so?” “I am weeping because I see all the other orders here but no sign of my own.” The Lord said to him “Do you want to see your Order?” and he answered “Yes, Lord” Then the Blessed Virgin opended the cloak she was wearing and spread it out before Blessed Dominic to whom it seemed vast enough to cover the entire heaven, and under it he saw a large multitude of the brethren.Then prostrating himself, Blessed Dominic gave thanks to God and to Blessed Mary His Mother, After that the vision disappeared and he came to himself just […]