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St Dominic

An eventful month

锘 We would like to share with our readers some of the joyful celebrations of this past month – you will then understand why we have not been attending to our blog! Newly Ordained celebrates Eucharist with us On the 22nd July, feast of St Mary Magdalen, Fr Paul Murphy who was recently ordained our diocese celebrated the Eucharist with us, and gave us his blessing.   Later we met with him and his parents in the parlour.  During the past year Fr Paul  came regularly to pray in our chapel while he was working in our parish as a deacon.   We   continue to support him with our prayer as he  soon begins ministry in Armagh cathedral.  We pray that many more young men may follow Paul’s example and dedicate their lives to the priesthood.   Fr Paul is pictured here with his parentsSilver Jubilee celebration On the 7th August we were happy to have fr John Harris OP with us to celebrate the 25th anniversary […]

St Dominic’s Prayer for Others

A Reflection on St Dominic’s Prayer and concern for others. All of the accounts of St Dominic’s  life speak of his great passion for the salvation of others. A passion that found expression both in his preaching and in his prayers. This was something that impressed me when I was discerning my vocation – the energy and fervency of his prayer for the conversion of sinners. His frequent cry “what will become of sinners?”  This links into what I read in St Catherine of Siena’s “Dialogue”: when God the Father tells her that it is the love and desire with which she offers her prayers, penance and actions that is most important since only love is infinite. The main purpose of my life here is to offer worship to God and to pray for those who need our prayers. But looking at St Dominic’s life I see ever more clearly that […]

Novena in preparation for the feast of St Dominic

 Today we being the novena in preparation for the feast of St Dominic – before Vespers each evening for the coming nine days we have a short reflection followed by the singing of the ‘O Spem’ – a prayer reminding St Dominic of his promise that he would be more helpful to his brothers and sisters after his death than when he was alive.  Readers of this blog might like to join us in praying to St Dominic during these days:O wonderful hope which you gave to those who wept for you at the hour of your death, that after your decease you would be helpful to your brethren.Fulfil Father what you have said and help us by your prayersYou shone on the bodies of the sick by so many miracles, bring us the help of Christ to heal our sick souls.Fulfil Father what you have said and  help […]

Novena to St Dominic – Day 9

At the beginning of the Libellus – Blessed Jordan鈥檚 account of the beginnings of the Order, we read: 鈥淕od鈥檚 Providence raised up the Order of Preachers as a remedy for the perils of these latter days.鈥   Other early biographical documents describe the world into which Dominic was born as a 鈥渨orld wrapped in darkness where the light was sinking鈥 – where Dominic 鈥渟hone like a new star鈥 and as a 鈥渓ight that would illuminate with its beams the whole world鈥  – a light not just for his own time but has continued to shine, through the members of his Order, down to our own day when the darkness and confusion seem to grow even more intense and widespread. We are all part of that darkness through our own sinfulness, blindness and stubbornness.  Yet as Christians and followers of Dominic we are also called to be light in the midst […]

Novena to St Dominic – Day 8

Today鈥檚 liturgy leads us into the great mystery of the Transfiguration of our Lord, Jesus Christ. At Mass, we heard in the Gospel: 鈥渢his is my Son, the Beloved, listen to him鈥. (Mk 9:8)Each line in the Scripture is an expression of the Eternal Father鈥檚 Word, calling us to LISTEN to that Word so that we might have 鈥渓ife in abundance鈥 (Jn 10:10).Our entire existence is really a call to be a hearer and keeper of the Word of God. When we speak of hearing, it is FAITH first of all of which we speak. Thus 鈥榝aith is the organ of hearing,鈥 and 鈥榖elieving and hearing the Word of God鈥 is one and the same.For me, St. Dominic is the best teacher of listening and obeying the Living Word.In the Legenda of St. Cecilia we are told 鈥渋n the evening time, Dominic used to come to the sisters and […]

Novena to St Dominic – Day 7

Guy Bedouelle o.p. provided me with a starting point for my reflection on St Dominic. In his book 鈥楾he grace of the Word鈥 he has this to say:When Dante called St Dominic 鈥渢he passionate lover of the Christian Faith鈥 he referred to the entire life of the Father of Preachers, to his unflagging eagerness to bear witness to this faith, to defend it and to transmit it. If St Dominic yearned to penetrate Catholic teaching through study, to be able to expound it in persuasive terms, if he aspired to affirm it in every way in order to 鈥渟trengthen his brethren鈥, it was because his own faith was flawless and intense.鈥滺e goes on to say thatChrist is the centre of faith and its source. It is through Him that we embrace all that the Church believes. The theology of St. Dominic, if we may speak of the theology of […]

Novena to St Dominic – Day 6

In reflecting on the life of St Dominic, in preparation for his Feast-day, I was struck once again by his passion for preaching, for the proclamation of the Gospel. For most of his adult life he longed to go and bring Christ to those pagans who had never heard the gospel. Although this was not possible, he founded his order in response to the Albigensian heresy, working tirelessly to proclaim the Truth, who is Christ, to those who had been deceived by falsehoods and half-truths. As Jordan of Saxony, Dominic鈥檚 successor, wrote, it was for 鈥渢hese innumerable souls who were deceived that they felt moved by deep compassion鈥. This is in marked contrast to an attitude sometimes encountered today: the idea that what matters is the sincerity of one鈥檚 beliefs not what is believed. At times this can go so far as thinking that people would be 鈥榖etter off鈥 […]

Novena to St Dominic – Day 5

A Reflection on St Dominic and Prayer, given by one of our sisters, for the fifth day of our Novena to St DominicTaken from the book, “St Dominic” by Alain Quilici, O.P.It is said that saints are most in tune with their sinfulness and the sinfulness of the world. They are, like Dominic, so close to the Lord that they feel his great pain at this sinful world, and are pained to the deepest parts of their being as well. Dominic suffered with the Lord because he united himself with the one who united God and mankind. Jesus Christ, in his passion, gave himself totally to the Father for love of us; Dominic follows this path, seeking the suffering of the passion as a path to deeper union to and an expression of love for Jesus Christ.Dominic contemplated the crucifix with an incomparable penetration 鈥 his prayer tends to be united […]

Novena to St Dominic -Day 4

As we draw nearer to the feast of St Dominic, I have been thinking again about how he is in a sense a 鈥榤ysterious鈥 and 鈥榦bscure鈥 kind of saint: so much has been written in an attempt to make him known, while he wrote so very little himself 鈥 his 鈥榳ords鈥 are the sisters and brothers he gathered together into the Order of Preachers; the souls he won for the Lord Who was his most intimate friend.I considered what a great legacy he left, in leaving so 鈥榣ittle,鈥 because he thus can be a saint everyone can truly know and have as a close friend; and when we see the diversity within the Order: how he founded an Order that has room for every one 鈥 we can be moved to a wonderful sense of gratitude to our eternal Father, for blessing St Dominic with that certainty and confidence […]

Novena to St Dominic – Day 3

Pondering on the various virtues attributed to St. Dominic in the Hymn 鈥極 Lumen鈥 sung each evening in his honour by all his children throughout the world, I was drawn to the title 鈥楻ose of Patience鈥, this is a virtue in which most of us need encouragement from time to time, if not all the time! There are so many facets associated with this vibrant virtue. Making the effort with God鈥檚 ever present help, to be patient in our daily dealings with one another and in the various situations that occur each day, is already an important beginning 鈥 but there is of course, a much deeper level to this beautiful virtue to which God calls us, of which St. Dominic gave such ample evidence in his own humble life. Witnesses at his canonisation mention repeatedly in one way or another 鈥 that he was a man of patience, of […]