To live together in unity and love is our most effective way of preaching the God who is Himself that unity and love in the Persons of the Holy Trinity.

We try to follow the example of Dominic who was always joyful, kind, compassionate and a pleasant companion to his brothers and sisters. Mindful that all growth in love is mysteriously fruitful for the growth of the whole people of God we make our own Dominic’s constant prayer for this gift of true love.


God the Father said to St Catherine of Siena 'I ask you to love me with the same love with which I love you. But for me you cannot do this, for I loved you gratuitously... consequently I have put you among your sisters and brothers so that you can do for them what you cannot do for me, that is love them without any concern for thanks and without looking for any profit for yourself.' (cf Dialogue of St Catherine of Siena)


Our friendship with God becomes flesh and blood in the texture of our community life. (Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP).


We aim to build in our our own monastery the Church of God and offer our lives for its spread throughout the world.