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Spread out beneath the hilltop on the Twenties, the town of Drogheda is marked out at night by its shimmering borders as the lights of the town spring to life – a constant reminder to us to pray for the needs of our people and all those in similar towns and cities in our country and throughout the entire world.


Our present location in the Twenties is the community’s fourth home in Drogheda since our foundation by Mother Catherine Plunkett (a relative of St Oliver Plunkett) in 1722.

The first was a little hut on the banks of the river Boyne before the move to Dyer Street a few years later.


The next change, as their numbers increased was to Siena Convent, Chord Road where the community lived from 1796 until 1994 when a fire forced another move.

In the aftermath of the fire, as permission to demolish and rebuild on site was refused, it was necessary to seek another location which eventually led to the establishment of the community in the Twenties in 1997.