We are happy to announce that our internet connection is functioning again after more than two weeks – hopefully there will be no further disruption.

Today we begin our novena in preparation for the feast of St Catherine of Siena. This year we are remembering in a special way the needs of Pope Bendedict XVI and the universal Church and more particularly our Irish Church – for the victims of sexual abuse and those members of the Church who have failed them, as we pray for the mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation which are so much needed. As we know, St Catherine of Siena prayed, suffered and worked tirelessly for the Pope and the Church of her day.

Before Vespers each evening during these nine days of novena one sister reads an extract from Catherine’s writings – this year we will focus mainly on her writings related to the Church and the abuses of her times. During the coming days we hope to share some of these with you.