18th December - O Adonai

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18th December - O Adonai

Dominican Nuns Ireland
Published by Dominican Nuns Ireland in Reflections (Other) · 18 December 2021
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“O Adonai and leader of Israel,
you appeared to Moses in a burning bush
and you gave him the Law on Sinai.
O come and save us with your mighty power.”

In this antiphon we call on God by the name Adonai.  The dictionary says that this word comes from the Cannanite and Hebrew word adon, which means - LORD. When God appeared to Moses, he called himself: I AM WHO I AM. (Ex 3:14). Out of reverence the Jews did not utter his name but substituted Adonai.

By saying this, we praise him acknowledging WHO HE IS (Lord and leader). What he has done for Israel and us (gave the Law on Sinai).  And in the last words of the antiphon we express our desire and longing for him when we say: “O come and save us with your mighty power.”

Advent is all about waiting with yearning for his coming.  The waiting, on the spiritual level, is never passive, empty or lifeless. It is always full of expectancy, hope and full of life because it is mutual.

In one of the Narnian books, written by CS Lewis, there is a dialog between Aslan  (a lion who represents  Jesus Christ) and a little girl named  Lucy. I quote:
     “Do not look so sad. We shall meet soon again.”
     “Please Aslan,” said Lucy, “What do you call soon?”
      “I call all times soon.”  Said Aslan.

If you would like to hear us singing this 'O Antiphon', please click here.


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