A Reflection for Week 2 of Advent

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A Reflection for Week 2 of Advent

Dominican Nuns Ireland
Published by Dominican Nuns Ireland in Reflections (Other) · 9 December 2018
Tags: Advent
On this Sunday the liturgy presents to us the Gospel passage in which St. Luke prepares the scene on which Jesus is about to enter and begin His public ministry. The Evangelist focuses the spotlight on to John the Baptist, who was the precursor of the Messiah, and with great precision outlines the space-time coordinates of his preaching. The Evangelist evidently wanted to warn those who read or hear about it that the Gospel is not a legend but the account of a true story, that Jesus of Nazareth is a historical figure who fits into that precise context. After this ample historical introduction, the subject becomes ‘’the word of God’’, presented as a power that comes down from Heaven and settles upon John the Baptist.

                                                                                   ( Pope Benedict XVI)


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