Video: O Antiphon for the 17th of December

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Video: O Antiphon for the 17th of December

Dominican Nuns Ireland
Published by Dominican Nuns Ireland in Videos · 17 December 2019
Tags: Advent
A short clip of our community singing the O Antiphon for 17th of December (the Dominican version).

On the 16th of December we began our 9-day Novena for the great feast of Christmas, and for following seven days we accentuate that longing and find its expression most beautifully in the great Vesper antiphons for the Magnificat, called the "O" antiphons, because they all begin with 'O'. These antiphons will be used each evening before and after the Magnificat, and as the Gospel Acclamation at Mass, daily, for the 7 days before Christmas.

The initials of each antiphon in Latin, in reverse order are:

E = Emmanuel
R = Rex (King)
O = Oriens (Rising Sun)
C = Clavis (Key of David)
R = Radix (Root of Jesse)
A = Adonai (Leader of Israel)
S = Sapientia (Wisdom)
They create the acrostic : EROCRAS -- the translation of which is : 'Tomorrow I shall be there' -- and this is seen as the answer of Christ to the intensity of the longing prayer, and the yearning of the one praying the antiphons during the seven days.

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