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Video Reflection – Our Way of Life

Another Jubilee Celebration

These past two weeks four of our sisters have been participating in a theology course for Contempaltive nuns, hosted by the Redemptoristine community, Dublin.  So we are rather late in sharing some pictures of Sr M Dominika’s Silver Jubilee of Profession – celebrated on the 13th August –  Fr Gerard Dunne OP, Vicar of the Master of the Order for our monastery, was chief celebrant at Eucharistic celebration and Fr Anthony McMullan OP, from the local priory concelebrated with him.  It was just a community celebration but nonetheless a very joyful occasion.  We had a special recreation in the afternoon and afterwards the more agile among us had a game of hurley in the garden – could one call it a game? or just having fun?  Even Dobby the cat came to watch them.  We hope to publish Sr M Dominika’s very interesting vocation story here shortly – leading her all the way from her native Belarus via Vilnius, Krakow to Drogheda, Ireland – so keep an eye out. 锘 Sr Dominika with Sr Regina who celebrated her Golden Jubilee and Sr Margaret who celebrated her Diamond Jubilee recently.            Sr M Pascale enjoying the fun     锘    锘

Novena to St Dominic 2014 – Day 9

 These past days we have been reflecting on the life and virtues of St Dominic and his zeal for the salvation of souls.  Blessed Jordan of Saxony concludes his Libellus (a short history of the beginnings of the Order) with the exclamation: 鈥渨ho could ever hope to imitate the virtues of this man Dominic?鈥 and he continues: 鈥渨e can however admire them and weigh up the slackness of our own generation against his example.鈥  In the face of Dominic鈥檚 virtues Jordan more or less felt that we could never reach that holiness without an extra special grace 鈥 somehow we hear a certain resignation in his tone as he encourages us to 鈥渇ollow in our father鈥檚 footsteps to the best of our ability.鈥  But I鈥檓 sure Dominic himself would have something different to say to us.  No doubt, Dominic was convinced that God鈥檚 infinite love and mercy which were the source of his strength and his zeal, were available to all his children.  He was always aware of how much he himself stood in need, totally dependent on God鈥檚 infinite mercy and in prayer frequently called out for that mercy: 鈥淟ord what will become of sinners!鈥  Although Dominic preserved his Baptismal innocence throughout his life this was not the result of any merit on his part 鈥 he knew that he stood in need of God鈥檚 infinite mercy as much as the greatest sinner.  I think that Dominic鈥檚 wish would be that each of us become the person we were created to be 鈥 not a replica of himself.  We see this from his respect for individuals 鈥 a respect which has been a characteristic of the Order down to the present day.  Often […]

Novena to St Dominic 2014

锘縏oday the 30th July we begin the novena in honour of our Father and founder, St Dominic.  Each day as part of the novena we a reflection or a relevant commentary on Dominic’s life and work – which we hope to publish here.We would also like to announce the launch of our new website next week before his feast – so watch out!During this novena we pray for all our many kind friends and benefactors and ask you to pray with us for vocations to the whole Dominican Order and in particular to our community. 

Farewall to Sr Agata Teresa

On Tuesday last, Sr Agata Teresa flew back to her monastery in Austria early in the morning. We had a ‘goodbye’ recreation the evening before and Sr Agata Teresa produced produced some beautiful surprises for us … have a look at the photos below … and then through the April showers, broke a fascinating rainbow, to the glory of God!Is it a fan?Not a fan at all! A whole lot of little nuns – a community in fact! Wherever did she find the time to do all that?!A close up.Can you guess who is who?Each of us is represented here somehow – the challenge is to try and recognise which one fits our identity … And here we are … trying to figure it out .. makes a change from doing the crossword!Sorted! Everyone had met her match!With St Dominic in our cloister garth .. and a rainbow .. a nice gift from the Lord for Sr Agata just before the sun sets

Visit of the Master of the Order

On Thursday morning, 5th December, we had a most delightful visit from the Master of the Order, Frere Bruno Cadore OP  – he was accompanied by Fr Dominic Izzo OP and Fr Gerard Dunne, the vicar of the Master for our Monastery.  Fr Bruno and Fr Dominic are on visitation of the Irish Dominican Province at present.For two hours he answered our questions and provided us with first hand news of the Dominican Order around the world.    Before leaving us we prayed together and Fr Bruno gave us his blessingOur friends Michael and Bernadette (Lay Dominicans) and Mary helped at the reception and at the Eucharistic Adoration so that our community could be undisturbed during the visit – they were happy to have a photo taken with the Master. 

Dominican Calendar for 2014 Published

As part of the ongoing effort of the vocations promoters of the Dominican Family in Ireland (friars, sisters, contemplative nuns and lay) to promote a greater awareness of the Dominican charism, we have published a Dominican Family Calendar for 2014 – which is available in our Monastery and at Dominican priories throughout Ireland. In January 2011 a prayer initiative was launched to encourage prayer for Dominican vocations to all branches of the Order. The focus of this prayer initiative is an icon of Saint Dominic (show above on the front cover of the Calendar) which has been specially commissioned for this purpose. The launch took place in the monastery of the Dominican Nuns, Drogheda and since then this icon has journeyed to various Dominican centres throughout Ireland – each centre takes responsibility for intensive prayer for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. It is hoped that the image of the founder of the Dominican Order will draw people to reflect on his life and legacy and in turn, through his intercession, draw more men and women to follow the Lord in the Dominican way.

An eventful month

锘 We would like to share with our readers some of the joyful celebrations of this past month – you will then understand why we have not been attending to our blog! Newly Ordained celebrates Eucharist with us On the 22nd July, feast of St Mary Magdalen, Fr Paul Murphy who was recently ordained our diocese celebrated the Eucharist with us, and gave us his blessing.   Later we met with him and his parents in the parlour.  During the past year Fr Paul  came regularly to pray in our chapel while he was working in our parish as a deacon.   We   continue to support him with our prayer as he  soon begins ministry in Armagh cathedral.  We pray that many more young men may follow Paul’s example and dedicate their lives to the priesthood.   Fr Paul is pictured here with his parentsSilver Jubilee celebration On the 7th August we were happy to have fr John Harris OP with us to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his Ordination.  Fr John had celebrated his first Mass with us in the old monastery on the Chord Road – so it was a great joy to have him with us on this joyful occasion 25 years later.  Sr Paula Mary had devoted many hours in designing and creating the stole which he is wearing in picture.  Being the eve of the feast of our holy Father St Dominic Fr John stayed so that we had solemn Vespers of the feast. Celebrating the Feast of St Dominic on 8th August It was a great joy for us to have our new coadjutor Archbishop of Armagh, Archbishop Eamon Martin  celebrate the feast of St Dominic with us. He arrived in time for first Vespers and met the community later afterwards.  He stayed overnight and  on the feast of St Dominic he celebrated the […]

Summer Nuns

A few sunny photos from the recent spell of good weather:

An eventful Month

We have had quite an eventful month.  First we had a visit from Cardinal Brady:Then on the 24th of May Fr Viktor Hoffstetter OP came to preach our annual 8-day Retreat. Immediately after that Sr Barbara Beaumond OP came to give us a week of lectures on the history of the first Dominican Nuns. Below are some photos from our Community celebration with Fr Viktor and Sr Barbara on Corpus Christi Sunday:with Fr Viktor (left) with Sr Barbara (right)