The great feast of Mary Mother of God -1st January 2018

The great feast of Mary Mother of God, the world day of peace, the first day of a New Year, New year resolutions, all these came together for me this morning when Father began his homily with this Scripture verse—Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart.- I have no idea what he had to say after that. For these words reached me with great force and an immediate question. What things, events, situations, do I treasure and ponder in my heart and why do I do it. ? As I was quietly working in the kitchen I continued to reflect on this Word.  “Where your treasure is there also will your heart be.” What my heart has been most focused on during this past year will reveal to me what my treasure really is. What do my inner dialogues reveal? When I ponder the daily happenings in my life is it  to bring to bear the Word of God on these events, so that God’s  plan for my life may come to full fruition, as I gradually allow his light and truth to shine in my darkness.? Is my focus on listening to the voice of the Lord and as a result of that entering into His Peace. Do I treasure all the happenings of the day, both positive and negative because I know that each of them is a gift through which God is speaking to me if I have ears to hear? Do I believe that God is bringing about His plan both for my salvation and the salvation of the world as I willing assent and respond to His revelation to me moment by moment? I f […]

Christmas Eve Reflection during Vespers 2017


The theme of my reflection, on this Christmas Eve night, is ‘ Peace’. The Order has just established the month of December as the month designated for all its members to pray for world peace and each year the whole Order will focus on praying for peace in a particular area of the world. This year the focus is on Colombia, South America, -that the peace agreement signed in 2016 will become a reality there. Conscious also of the lack of inner peace in ourselves at times  and in people in general, I was led to ponder the title given to Jesus before his birth, that of Prince of Peace,  in the book of the prophet Isaiah, which will be read tonight at Mass:

For there is a child born for us,

a son given to us

and dominion is laid on his shoulders;

and this is the name they give him:

Wonder – Counsellor, Mighty –God,

Eternal- Father, Prince-of –Peace.

Wide is his dominion

In a peace that has no end.( Is. 9: 5-6 )

We long so much for this peace that ‘has no end’. We long for it for ourselves, our families, our communities, our friends and for the world at large. We want Isaiah’s prophecy, which says;

For all the footgear of battle,

every cloak rolled in blood,

is burnt,

and consumed by fire

– we want that to be realised now, without further delay. The Gospel tonight further reinforces this message of peace when it says:

And  suddenly with the angel there was a great throng of the heavenly host,

praising God and singing:

‘Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace to

men who enjoy his favour’

This theme of peace abounds everywhere in the Christmas Liturgy tonight and tomorrow. In the entrance antiphon, Jesus is […]

Rosary on the Coast for Life and Faith

Our Monastery will be joining with the Rosary on the Coast for Life and Faith, Ireland tomorrow (Sunday 26th) at 2.30p.m. (although we aren’t actually on the coast). Check out their website for details of other locations www.coastalrosaryireland.ie

Vocation Discernment Weekend – 17th to 19th November

In November we will be hosting a Vocation Discernment Weekend for young women interested in our life, or who wish to find out more about Monastic Contemplative Life.
(See Poster below)

Please feel free to download this poster and spread it around (pdf file available here).

Our New Roof

The work on our Chapel roof was completed during the week and the sisters are delighted to be able to resume praying the daily Office and Mass in the Chapel after two and a half weeks of being relegated to our Conference Room, which was a bit on the squashed side.


Our thanks to the workmen for getting the job done so quickly, and to God for the good weather during the last three weeks, which helped a lot.

This was something of a ‘rush job.’ We had quite a few leaks over the last year (which were manageable with cloths and buckets, and ‘patching’ of the roof) and were planning to re-do the roof in the autumn. Then the leaks got much worse, with a number appearing over the altar, which made the need to repair the roof rather urgent. Luckily the roofers were able to start work a few days after that and we now have a leak free roof.
As you can imagine this has been a costly undertaking so we would be grateful for any contribution, however small, to help offset the expense involved.

Sr M Breidge receives the Habit of the Order on the Feast of the Transfiguration

Our joy in celebrating the feast of St Dominic during this Jubilee year was enhanced by the addition of a new Novice to our community.

We share below the homily preached by our Prioress Sr Mairead at the Reception Ceremony.















On this special feast day of the Transfiguration of the Lord, Breidge will receive the habit, adding immensely to the joy of this day.
 I realise that instead of trying to speak about this great and beautiful Mystery of the Transfiguration, one would gain much more by entering into the mystery through prayer, and in silence and solitude, allowing IT, on the contrary, to speak to us in the depths of our hearts.
However, as a few words are probably expected, I will attempt to be brief and focus mainly on the importance of prayer in the life of Jesus and its transformative power in our lives as contemplatives.
Luke says that the aspect of  Jesus’ face changed and his clothing became as brilliant as lightning, while Jesus was at prayer. Prayer– this intimate personal relationship with Jesus leading to union with Him and communion with the Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is in fact the goal of everyone’s life, though sadly, so few are truly aware of it.
Prayer, communion with the Blessed Trinity is given great emphasis in our own constitutions. As early as number 1 in the Fundamental Constitutions ( 1:IV) of the Nuns, bearing witness as it does to the transforming power of prayer, and reminding us at the same time, of the transfiguration of the Lord, it says:
“ Persevering in prayer with Mary the Mother of Jesus, the nuns ardently long for the fullness of the Holy Spirit, so that with unveiled face […]

Reflections on St Dominic (6) – The Dominican Family

Through the window of our refectory I saw how our youngest Sister has planted a variety of flowers in the shape of 800, and it is exactly what we are as we celebrate our 800 Anniversary as Dominicans. Each Sister and Brother whom God has called to our family has shaped our Order day by day by their lives. Dominic  placed so much trust and confidence in his companions. He was profoundly a man of God, convinced that the hand of God lay upon everything and everyone. His own vocation as a preacher he discovered from being attentive to the needs of others. He was so open to listen to God speaking to him through the lives of others. Dominic knew that those who came to join him were called by the Lord and that the Lord was speaking to them. If others were called to join Dominic in his dream then some system had to be devised which respected both the freedom of God to speak as He wishes and the freedom of each to express their understanding of what God was saying to each personally. Dominic’s vision, his inspiration is communicated to his brethren in such a way that it becomes the creation of all. He inspired others by sharing his vision and allowing it to take root and mature in them in such a manner that it seems to come as much from them as from him. In his family everyone becomes a builder, everyone must share in the task of construction, and is encouraged to offer his/her own personal contribution. Dominic never put himself in the centre, he emptied himself, and that emptiness   invites Christ to be a centre of his own life and the […]

16th April – Day of Prayer and Reflection; UPDATE

The 16th of April is fast approaching and below you can see a poster for the day.Please feel free to download and share this poster. (Download in pdf form, here).

16th April: Day of Prayer and Refection – hosted jointly with the Franciscan sisters of the Renewal

We have another day planned with our Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal, as we have done in the past – for any young women who might be interested in learning a little more about who we and they (the CFRs) are.

We answer all kinds of questions, and you get to spend time in prayer and adoration with Jesus; the day will begin with Holy Mass – celebrated by one of our brothers.

Do get in touch if you think it might be a day for you; tell people you know who might find it helpful; we look forward to seeing everyone who comes; if the last day is anything to go by, it will be one to remember and be grateful for – full of grace!

To book a place please contact us at: siena3@eircom.net or
Franciscan Sisters at 041 – 9830441.
Overnight accommodation available – please complete the contact form on our website, here.

To give you an idea of what these days are like, here are some photos from the past:
Getting Ready
The night before.
A Dominican Talk
A Franciscan Talk
At Prayer
Clean Up
Relaxing at the end of the Day.

Light a “Siena Candle” for your Intentions

 Light a “Siena Candle” for your IntentionsWould you like to have a candle burning before the Blessed Sacrament for a family member or friend doing Examinations at this time? Or for another special Intention for someone?Their names can be printed on one of our handcrafted candles and the candle lit before the Blessed Sacrament during our daily Adoration on the day of their exams (or other important events).  Some of our candles, waiting for their ‘date’There are two types of candles:·       ‘Small’ = This candle costs €4 and burns for 1 daySquare Shape: W 5cm * H 7cm·       ‘Large’ = This candle costs €6 and burns for 2 days            Cylinder Shape: D 6cm * H 11cm The Candles can be ordered by email sienacards@eircom.net , or by phone 041 – 9838524. When ordering please provide the name to be printed on the candle (First Name only) and the date on which you would like the candle to be lit.Some candles burning before the Blessed Sacrament.