Dear Friends,
The time is passing very busily, so though we are not doing too well at keeping up-to-date with saying ‘hello’, we are still here and remembering everyone – all of our friends in our prayers. You are not forgotten and certainly not alone!

We have another day planned with our Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal for the 1st of November, as we did way back in March – for any young women who might be interested in learning a little more about who we and they (the CFRs) are. We answer all kinds of questions, and you get to spend time in prayer and adoration with Jesus; the day being the Feast of All Saints, will begin with Holy Mass – celebrated by one of our brothers – Fr Ronan Cusack, an excellent and fearless preacher – full of the joy of the Truth – a true and faithful Dominican.

Do come get in touch if you think it might be a day for you (email:; tell people you know who might find it helpful; we look forward to seeing everyone who comes; if the last day is anything to go by, it will be one to remember and be grateful for – full of grace!