On Tuesday last, Sr Agata Teresa flew back to her monastery in Austria early in the morning. We had a ‘goodbye’ recreation the evening before and Sr Agata Teresa produced produced some beautiful surprises for us … have a look at the photos below … and then through the April showers, broke a fascinating rainbow, to the glory of God!

Is it a fan?
Not a fan at all! A whole lot of little nuns – a community in fact!
Wherever did she find the time to do all that?!
A close up.
Can you guess who is who?
Each of us is represented here somehow – the challenge is to try and recognise which one fits our identity …


And here we are … trying to figure it out .. makes a change from doing the crossword!
Sorted! Everyone had met her match!

With St Dominic in our cloister garth .. and a rainbow ..
a nice gift from the Lord for Sr Agata just before the sun sets