The Communion Antiphon for this 3rd Sunday of the year urges us to “Look up to the Lord with gladness and smile …”.

Julian of Norwich, in the 15th Century, also reminds us that it is “in this, Our Lord wills that we be occupied – having joy in him for he has joy in us”.If joy, as has been said, “is gladness of heart in the presence of the Beloved” then “greatly ought we to rejoice that our soul dwells in him”.
“For our courteous Lord wills that we be be as homely with him as heart can think or soul desire. But we must beware lest we take this homeliness so recklessly as to forsake courtesy.

And he wants to have us, who will be with him in heaven without end, like himself in all things.
If we do not know how we shall do all this, let us desire it from our Lord, and he will teach us, for that is his own delight and his glory.”

We know that “he is the ground of all our life in love; he is our everlasting keeper and mightily defends us against our enemies. When we come to him in our weaknesses the says to each of us – ‘my dear darling I am glad that you have come to me; in all thy woe I have been with you. And now you see me in my love and we are one in bliss.”

Blessed Henry Suso expresses a similar thought,when he wrote, “Be glad dear daughter, because you have found God whom you sought so long and so earnestly. Turn to him with shining eyes, smiling face and happy heart. Embrace him with the outstretched arems of your soul.”

cf. The Revelation of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich

“May this message in all its richness find a home in you” Col.3:16