In recent months we have received many heart-breaking requests for prayers for those who have lost their jobs or are in serious financial difficulty. We carry them all -as well as the countless others who are suffering from the present economic crisis – in our hearts as we come before the Lord daily for the celebration of the liturgy and Eucharistic Adoration.

Reflective Meditation for the unemployed

Father, in those hours when You invite me to come closer to your Son, Jesus – who was despised, the most abject of men, and yet a Man whose vision was filled with the light of the invisible – help me during these weeks and maybe months of unemployment to look into Your eyes and see nothing but love and kindness, nothing but a desire to stretch me beyond myself into the arms of my Lord and God.

Lead, Lead kindly Light beyond this seemingly impenetrable darkness where things no longer make sense, and ends do not meet – where all that is left are long rows of men and women seeking and longing for employment.

You call to me to leave the pots of gold—the god and goddesses of my own creating. You say: “leave them there – do not look back at them—do not fear, am I not greater than many riches? And I will fill the void in My own way—in My own time. It is for you to be still, to trust blindly in My power to lead you on to a deeper trust and hope. You are anxious and I understand, you have a wife and little ones to feed, but give me yourself—all that you hold dear and ultimately you can be sure that I will see that all is well again”.

Father, through my tears, through my sweat and weakness and the pain in which I find myself I say YES to your will for me, Father; no longer do I want to hold the helm of my life – TOTUS TUUS now and forever more. Lead Thou me on.

And yet Father what do you say to me—nothing? everything?
“Little one I thank you for giving Me your trust, it shall not be betrayed in time or in eternity. May My peace and joy be yours”.

Father I know no greater peace and joy than this glad and full surrender of all that is mine – this touching of Your life with mine—

Lead thou me on.
I do not ask to see the distant scene
One step enough for me.