Today we start our traditional Novena before Christmas with the’ Great O Antiphons’. May this prayer help us to enter into the wide opened Door of God’s Mercy, and to be real witnesses of God’s presence among us, not only by the preaching of the glad things of His coming but above all by revealing Him in our lives.

                                 O SAPIENTIA

O Wisdom you come fort from the mouth of the Most High, You fill the universe and hold all things together in a strong yet gentle manner. O comes to teach us the way of truth. Maranatha. Come, Lord Jesus come.

O Wisdom

My previous relation with Wisdom was always cold and very weak. It mostly meant for me something very high, big, and far away – not useful for ordinary daily life or prayer. But preparing this reflection she placed her arms on me, and I heard her strong yet gentle heartbeat.

There was once a Jewish boy, who resisted learning the Torah. To his parents, nothing could have been more distressing .When the Chief Rabbi came to visit their home, the parents expressed to him their concern about their son. The Rabbi asked permission to place his arms around the boy. The parents agreed, moving aside. They watched and waited, expecting to hear some of advice from the Rabbi to the boy. But the only word they heard was silence, as they watched their son rest close to the Rabbi’s heart.

The next day the boy began to study the Torah. His passion for God’s word grew. Years later he himself became a wise and loving Rabbi. Many asked him whence his knowledge came. He simply said, ’’I put my ear close to the Chief Rabbi’s heart and in that moment I heard the heartbeat of God’’.

Wisdom revealed to us the depths of God’s heart. The ‘Wisdom’ to whom we cry is Jesus himself as St. Paul declared in his letter to the Corinthians ’’Christ…the wisdom of God.’’(1 Cor 1,24)He is our hearts desire, the one we long for and ask him to come to us and teach us the way of truth and life.

‘The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon him, a Spirit of wisdom and understanding a Spirit of counsel and power a Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord’ (Is11,2)

‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’. (Proverbs 9.10)That fearing of the Lord means fearing to run away from Him. It means fearing to seek refuge and joy and hope anywhere other than in God.

Others had pointed the way to life – He is the way and the life (J14.6)
Others had given promises, but ‘’all the promises of God find their yes in him (2Cor 1.20)

Others had offered God’s forgiveness, Jesus bought it by his death.

Therefore in him are “hid all the treasuries of wisdom and knowledge” (Col 2.3). To be near to his heart is the treasure of ultimate and eternal happiness.