O King whom all the people desire,

You are the cornerstone

which makes all one:

O come,

and save us whom you made from clay.
How do you approach a King?
In our way of thinking, kings inspire awe and wonder, surrounded as they are by wealth; lacking nothing; held to be gracious when they condescend to smile at us or speak to us; so far out of reach and outside our reality as to be unapproachable, untouchable, altogether alien from the little moments that fill our days and shape our lives.  Kings have need of nothing because they have more than one … or two … or three of everything: cars, planes, palaces, lands. …
Today, as we draw nearer to that day of Incarnation, without which there could never have been a Resurrection – we are reminded that Jesus is our King, our Desire, our Cornerstone, our Unity – making out of such an array of diversity, one-ness; and we call on Him who formed us from the dust of the earth, to save us.
How do you approach a King?
Who can tell me how to draw near to my King: He whom I desire?
Who can reassure me that my littleness and worthlessness: all my sins and failings – all those moments that cast shadow rather than radiate light – who will convince me that these are not obstacles which make my desire unattainable?
He will.
In the people He sets before us – Zechariah, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Joseph and Mary – He shows me that poverty and littleness are in fact helps, because if I know I have and am nothing, I can see more clearly.  He is my cornerstone, the foundation of my life – He is a king, yet what a King!  Without wealth or possessions, and welcomed into the world with only pure love, I learn that I need not approach Him … He it is who does the approaching … not I.
Zechariah, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Joseph, Mary … they did not worry about how to approach their King:  He came to them and they had only to overcome their fear, doubt and even unbelief … and make Him welcome … and so they did.
May the Lord our King grant us just such a grace
        to recognise that our desire is for One whose desire is for us;
may we be unafraid, full of faith and trust
that we may accept Him, love Him, let Him in –
and thus shall we be made whole, one and saved.