It is our custom to have a novena of prayer each year in preparation for the feast of our father Dominic – in recent years this consists of a short reflection on some aspect of St Dominic’s life followed by the following beatiful antiphon to St Dominic before Vespers each evening:

O Wonderful hope which you gave to those who wept for you at the hour of your death, promising that after your decease you would be  helpful to your brethren. 

Fulfil Father what you have said and help us by your prayer.

You shone on the bodies of so many sick by so many miracles, bring us the help of Christ to heal our sick souls.

Fulfil Father what you have said and help us by your prayer.

We are  happy to share with our readers some of our reflections

A reflection on the ‘ O Lumen’ (an antiphon which we sing to St Dominic daily at Night Prayer after the Salve Regina)
O light of the Church,
 Doctor of truth,
 Rose of patience,
Ivory of chastity,
Water of wisdom freely given
 Preacher of grace lead us to the blessed.
2016——–Wake up the world !
1216——–Dominic did just that !
 Dare we dream to be as he was?:
A flaming torch setting the world ablaze
   With God the Father’s love, mercy and compassion.
A lover of truth, who speaks the truth, acts truthfully
And walks with The Truth, Christ.
A fragrant incense rising up from the sacrifice
    Of a self giving love
A strong, pure presence  reaching out to humanity
With the joy of an undivided heart
A gentle counselor speaking a life-giving word 
that can pierce the ignorance of hearts and minds 
with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit
 An ardent preacher of the beauty and efficacy
of God’s friendship with humanity 
and leading it into the presence of the Blessed Three in One .

Yes ,we dare to dream!      
Holy Father Dominic relying on your intercession 
may our dream come true.