Sincere apologies to all our readers for our silence – our internet connection has been out of order for over a week due to some external problem but it seems that we may not be reconnected until next week at the earliest.It is still not too late to wish you the peace and joy of our Risen Saviour during this beautiful Easter Season.Can we remind you of our forthcoming vocations weekend 23rd – 25th April – There are still places available. We will be in touch again as soon as our internet connection is restored.

Vocation Weekends

We are very sorry for neglecting this blog in recent weeks. We had been busy preparing our Dominican Family Calendar for 2010 – which will be available in our Dominican priories throughout Ireland. In addition the vocation promoters of the Dominican Family Ireland (friars, sisters, nuns and lay) have been meeting here, in our monastery, to plan a joint vocations event next Spring. The date chosen is the 20th March – the venue (in Dublin) will be confirmed later.Mid October we hosted a vocations weekend here in our monastery – which proved to be very helpful to those who attended. These weekends at regular intervals throughout the year are informative and informal in nature – some talks on our monastic contemplative life with time for questions, opportunity to participate in the celebration of the Liturgy and Eucharistic Adoration, time for personal prayer, reading and reflection. Meeting the young sisters and sharing vocation stories are always a welcome part of the weekend.Our next weekend is scheduled for November 20th – 22nd.

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Vocations Discernment Weekend

19th – 21st June(Friday evening – Sunday after lunch)Young women, interested in learning about our contemplative way of life, are invited to a weekend of prayer and reflection – with sung liturgy, Eucharistic Adoration, conferences and opportunity to meet with sisters.There is still a place for anyone interested. Contact Sr Breda OP at More information on our main website at

Monastic Retreat House

After being closed for all of last year for renovation work, our retreat house is now up and running again and we are happy to be able to provide this facility for those who wish to come apart for some quiet time. For the Easter Triduum all four rooms were engaged.Those who come are welcome to join us in the main chapel for liturgy and Eucharistic Adoration. In addition there is a small oratory in the retreat house.The retreat house is self catering – with a fully equipped kitchen. To facilitate those who desire greater solitude two of the rooms have individual kitchenettes. .During February and March we were also able to resume hosting our vocation discernment weekends – which proved helpful to those who attended. Our next vocation discernment weekends are 8th – 10th May and again 19th – 21st June.

Forget St Patrick!! …

… for a moment!It is with the Dominicans you should have ‘thrown in your lot’ last Saturday: Let football happen without you; let your computers, i-pods, phones, gadgets, whatever it is – let them all gather dust; green pints, shamrocks, even St Patrick – for just a while. There is nothing I can imagine doing that could have been as encouraging, or as impressive, as the day spent on Saturday last, in St Saviour’s Priory, Dominick Street, Dublin 1.So- what happened?Being the Year of Vocations, the Dominican Family, took the opportunity to come together and introduce themselves to young men and women who might be considering their own direction in life, their vocations. It was a chance for them to meet what we call the four branches of the Order, and for them to see the breadth and depth of the Order – that it is composed of more than you might expect.Four branches? We are Lay Dominicans, Sisters, Contemplative nuns and Friars – and people who might be curious about one branch, on Saturday, were presented with the rest of us! We had a guest speaker, Andrew O’Connell (on the executive of Vocations Ireland) talking about discernment and vocation – describing it as ‘prayerful decision-making’ – with the emphasis on the decision-making. As I could easily attest to – you could go through your whole life thinking you might have a vocation, actually deciding you do, and still not make the decision to take the next step!This was followed by four speakers, representing each branch of the family, talking about their own path to the Order of Preachers, what appeals to them about where they now find […]

Vocation discernment weekends

20th – 22nd March 20098th – 10th May 200919th – 21st June 2009(Friday evening – Sunday after lunch)Young women, interested in learning about our contemplative monastic way of life, are invited to a weekend of prayer and reflection – with sung liturgy, Eucharistic Adoration, conferences and opportunity to meet with sisters.Contact: Sr Breda OPMonastery of St Catherine of Siena The Twenties, Drogheda

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