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Congratulations to our Dominican Brothers

Our congratulations, prayers and best wishes to the two men who were accepted into the Order on Saturday (September 14th is the feast of the Triumph of the Cross and is also the feast day of the Irish Dominican Province). Also to the four Brothers who made First Profession yesterday and the eight Brothers who renewed their vows on Friday. May God continue to bless you all in your formation as Friars Preachers.(Images from www.irishdominicanvocations.blogspot.ie ; see that site for more images and details from the ceremonies)锘匡豢锘匡豢锘匡豢Br Greg Daly and Br Neil Fox were clothed in the habit of the Dominican Order and began their novitiate in Cork 锘匡豢Br Matthew Farrell, Br Philip Mulryne, Br Jesse Maingot and Br Michael (Ronan) O Dubhghaill making First Profession in Saint Mary’s Dominican priory church in Pope’s Quay, Cork. The eight brothers who renewed their vows on Friday, pictured with the student master:Front row (left to right): Fr Terence Crotty (student […]

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    Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross – 14th September

Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross – 14th September

At Vespers this evening we will sing: 鈥淭his is Love鈥檚 great deed that death should die, when life itself was slain up the tree.鈥  Here we are faced with a paradox 鈥 a paradox which human nature has always found difficult to grasp 鈥 and which is even more difficult nowadays.  At Lauds we sang: 鈥淭he holy Cross shines in splendour鈥; 鈥淭he holy Cross shines upon us, in the Cross is victory, in the Cross is power.  By the Cross every sin is overcome.鈥  We may ask ourselves if we experience some of this victory and power in our daily lives. And if not why not?The following passage from St Andrew of Cretewhich we read at Office of Readings is particularly beautiful: We are celebrating the feast of the Cross, whereby darkness was dispelled and the light restored. We are celebrating the feast of the Cross and with the […]

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21st Sunday of Year C 2013

 “They will proclaim my glory to the nations” (Isaiah 66:20)There are several themes running through this Sunday鈥檚 liturgy and the one that spoke most to me was the call to 鈥減roclaim my glory to the nations鈥 and the invitation to be a witness 鈥渢o my glory鈥漹.19.I found these words of life extraordinary 鈥 really like a rallying call to us, coming almost immediately after our Cardinal consecrated Irelandto the Immaculate Heart of Mary.Is the Lord calling us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus as the Gospel today tells us – 鈥淭hrough towns and villages Jesus went preaching鈥︹ Lk.13.22  proclaiming the glory of his Father to both Jews and Gentiles alike.Remember how after the miracle at the Wedding of Cana 鈥楬e let his glory be seen and his disciples believed in him鈥 Jn.2.12  and later he prays 鈥楩ather, I have given them the glory you gave to me that […]

An eventful month

锘 We would like to share with our readers some of the joyful celebrations of this past month – you will then understand why we have not been attending to our blog! Newly Ordained celebrates Eucharist with us On the 22nd July, feast of St Mary Magdalen, Fr Paul Murphy who was recently ordained our diocese celebrated the Eucharist with us, and gave us his blessing.   Later we met with him and his parents in the parlour.  During the past year Fr Paul  came regularly to pray in our chapel while he was working in our parish as a deacon.   We   continue to support him with our prayer as he  soon begins ministry in Armagh cathedral.  We pray that many more young men may follow Paul’s example and dedicate their lives to the priesthood.   Fr Paul is pictured here with his parentsSilver Jubilee celebration On the 7th August we were happy to have fr John Harris OP with us to celebrate the 25th anniversary […]

Credo Series – 5 to 7

Our brothers’ series on the Creed, continued:This fifth talk looks at the phrase: “and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary and became man.”This sixth talk deals with Christ’s crucifixion: “for our sake He was crucified under Pontius Pilate. He suffered death and was buried.”  This seventh talk looks at the Resurrection: “and rose again on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures.”

Credo Video Series – 1 to 4

Our Dominican brothers have prepared a very good series of talks on the Creed. They are well worth watching.This first talk gives a brief history of the Creed.This second talks looks at the first article of the creed: “I believe in one God, the Father almighty”. This third talk looks at God as “maker of heaven and earth”. This fourth talk looks at the article on Christ: “I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, born of the Father before all ages. God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, consubstantial with the Father.”

Novena to St Catherine of Siena – Day 2

Today is the 2nd day of the novena to St Catherine. It is also Vocation Sunday. So during the week as I was reflecting on St Catherine I had the theme of Vocations in mind also and today鈥檚 Gospel-鈥業 know my own and mine know me鈥. Somehow these converged for me in a single Gospel text-鈥楾his is Eternal Life to know you the one true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent鈥.This is the reason for our existence. This is why God created us, why He sent His Son to redeem us- so that we might know God, might participate in the very life of God, might experience being utterly and completely taken up into God鈥檚 love and be endlessly happy. The vocation of every human being is to fulfil this purpose for which we were brought into being. Our personal vocation is to discover and to follow […]

Dominican Family Vocations Day – Update

The Dominican Family Vocations Day will take place in just two weeks. There has already been a great deal of interest in this informative event (which takes place on Saturday, March 2nd) and, since places are limited, I would ask young women interested in attending to contact me at maireadop@eircom.net as soon as possible.To view/download poster in .pdf format, click here.

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Homily preached at Sr M Cathy’s Profession

We are happy to share with our reader the homily which Fr John Harris OP preached at Sr Mary Cathy’s Profession on the 2nd of February:Today鈥檚 feast begins with a young married couple bringing their newly born baby to the Temple.  Today鈥檚 celebration of Sr Mary Cathy鈥檚 profession began in the very same way, when her parents, Imelda and John, carried her to a church to be baptised.  On that day a sword began to pierce her heart. In mystical theology the image of a sword is often used as a way of describing how the love of God penetrates deeply into our hearts and lives and transfixes us with the living presence of the divine love. This life of grace which begins at the very moment of our baptism continues to pierce us all our lives through until in the end, the words spoken by Simeon become words spoken of us: […]

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Dominican Family Vocations Day 2013

Young women interested in attending this informative event (Saturday, March 2nd) are very welcome to contact me at maireadop@eircom.net as soon as possible.Participants will have an opportunity to hear vocation stories from a member of each of the four branches – a friar, lay Dominican, apostolic sister and contemplative nun.As prayer is central to this day, we will pray Lauds/Morning Prayer together shortly after arriving and we will have the celebration of the Eucharist before we leave.To view/download poster in .pdf format, click here.