Family Vocations Day

  5th April 2014 – the day is almost here!  Not to be missed!!!  As you see, we are hosting our 6th Annual Family Vocations Day – in St Saviour’s, Dublin.   It promises to be a great day, with plenty of opportunity to meet with members of the four branches of the Dominican Family – Lay Dominicans; Apostolic Sisters; Friars and Contemplative Nuns. The day will begin with an introductory presentation on Discernment, which always strikes a chord in the hearts of those who attend – even those of us who have already taken that step and embraced the OPs.There follow vocation stories from four people – each representing a different ‘branch’ of the family.  And being hosted so graciously by our beloved brethren, whose home we will be invading for the day – we get to meet some of the community and chat informally with them. Have you ever had questions that you never had the courage to ask religious?Have you ever had ‘niggles’ – maybe your faith is prompting you to explore an alternative expression?What is religious life and what is so special about the Dominicans? TRUTH – VERITAS is a motto of our Order. Why not think again?  Maybe we can help you in your discernment. You may never know unless you take the plunge! Contact Sr Niamh OP for more or phone (041) 98-38-524

Discernment Weekend

Below is an attractive (!) poster for our up-coming Discernment Weekend – 14 – 16th March, for anyone who might be wondering about where (or if?) they are being ‘called.’

April 5th is fast approaching!

To anyone interested in exploring the possibility of a Dominican Vocation ..whether to our Brothers, our apostolic Sisters, our Lay Dominican brothers and sisters, or ourselves the nuns …Doesn’t it look interesting?  Who are these people?  What do they do?  What is so attractive about being a Dominican?  And what does OP stand for?  Did you know the Dominican Family is as expansive as it is?Why not consider having your questions answered, by coming along to the day and meeting some of us?Do be sure to get in touch beforehand, as places are limited, and we can get to know you a little before you come.

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Forget St Patrick!! …

… for a moment!It is with the Dominicans you should have ‘thrown in your lot’ last Saturday: Let football happen without you; let your computers, i-pods, phones, gadgets, whatever it is – let them all gather dust; green pints, shamrocks, even St Patrick – for just a while. There is nothing I can imagine doing that could have been as encouraging, or as impressive, as the day spent on Saturday last, in St Saviour’s Priory, Dominick Street, Dublin 1.So- what happened?Being the Year of Vocations, the Dominican Family, took the opportunity to come together and introduce themselves to young men and women who might be considering their own direction in life, their vocations. It was a chance for them to meet what we call the four branches of the Order, and for them to see the breadth and depth of the Order – that it is composed of more than you might expect.Four branches? We are Lay Dominicans, Sisters, Contemplative nuns and Friars – and people who might be curious about one branch, on Saturday, were presented with the rest of us! We had a guest speaker, Andrew O’Connell (on the executive of Vocations Ireland) talking about discernment and vocation – describing it as ‘prayerful decision-making’ – with the emphasis on the decision-making. As I could easily attest to – you could go through your whole life thinking you might have a vocation, actually deciding you do, and still not make the decision to take the next step!This was followed by four speakers, representing each branch of the family, talking about their own path to the Order of Preachers, what appeals to them about where they now find […]