Our vocation discernment weekends, last February/March and May/June, proved very helpful to those who participated . We will host two more such weekends in October (23rd – 25th)and Novemeber 2009 (20th – 22nd). If you are discerning the Lord’s call in your life and would like to know more about our Dominican contemplative way of life you will be welcome. During the weekend there are some conferences; opportunity to share in sung liturgy and Eucharistic Adoration; time for prayer and reflection.

These weekends offer an opportunity to meet with other young people who are also discerning as well as meet with our young sisters who, after a process of discernment, have committed themselves to this way of life.

In the event that the above dates are not convenient and you would like to avail of such an opportunity it is always possible to arrange for a visit or stay in our guest room or retreat house.

For further information contact Sr M Breda OP at siena3@eircom.net or visit our web site.