In our daily schedule we try to create a healthy balance between prayer and work, while always giving priority to the celebration of the liturgy, prayer, lectio divina and study. While depending on God’s Providential care, we try as far as possible to support ourselves – this allows us to share the common lot of most people, especially the poor.


Card Department


In our printing department sisters’ artistic talents find expression in designing cards and notelets for various occasions. This gives us the opportunity of spreading the Word of God as well as providing ourselves with a source of income.

To order cards, please get in touch via email or the Contact page with the subject “Card Department”.

Please click here to view our current catalogue.


Craft Works


Sisters’ creative skills and talents find expression in the production of various arts and crafts which are then sold in the monastery – needlework, encaustic art, pressed flowers, celtic embroidery and crochet etc.

We have knitted cribs that are made to order – orders need to be placed well in advance.

Icon Writing


In our Order art has always been recognised as a means of preaching. Icon writing has a long and ancient tradition in the history of the Church. Icons are the Gospel in paint.

‘Just as those who stand next to bright colours are themselves bathed in reflection, so the person who fixes his eyes clearly on the Spirit is in some way transformed by His glory and becomes more radiant.’ (St Basil)

As a means of intercessory prayer one never enters an icon alone – but brings the whole world with oneself- to receive and to surrender, to plead and to give thanks.

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Rosary Beads


The Rosary holds a special place in the prayer of Dominicans. A truly Gospel prayer, it has the power to lead us into deep contemplation. As we meditate with Mary on the mysteries of the life, death and Resurrection of her Son the grace of each mystery is being reproduced in us and we grow in love and surrender.

While crafting rosary beads, the sisters pray for those who will use these beads, asking Mary to lead us all to a deeper knowledge and love of her Son.

Household Duties


In a spirit of sisterly communion we all cooperate in caring for our elderly and ill sisters and attending to:

  • sacristy
  • community laundry
  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • keeping accounts
  • welcoming guests, retreatants and those who petition our prayer